October 13, 2014 0

I was putting gas today and normally by the gas station there is a father with his daughter standing by the street where cars are passing by and they hold a sign that says please help , now the 1st time I saw them was a few yrs back and it just really saddened  me so much that his daughter was out in the cold with a very thin hooded sweater I always tried to give them my loose change that I had in my car and one time I had a thick grey sweater that my daughter  left in the back seat I gave it to the little girl and she looked at me like if I was crazy but she took the sweater anyways , I drove off kinda confused and was thinking about it at work now forward a couple yrs to the present I see the same little girl with her father wearing the same red hoodie every time I pass by them I still give them my loose change and they know who I am the lady with the grey sweater , I was always curious to find out what the heck is going on with them does the dad not work or want’s to work or why isn’t the little girl  in school I mean she looks like she’s  at least 11 or so there are some times that I do see the police talking to the dad but he still goes to the same street to ask for money today the little girl smiled at me and I couldn’t help but to think like wow that really made my day she knows who I am now  she was telling her dad something and he smiled too and when I rolled down the window to give them the last $2.oo that I had in my purse he told me thank you your a lovely and kind hearted lady God Bless you always …. I don’t  know their story nor why does the dad do anything to better the future of his daughter I do hope things work out for him soon .. 

I think my problem  is that I am way too nice and I always try to help  other when I  can, even if I have the very last dollar because  I think about the time when I was very broke and trying to make ends meet with the very little that I had , I know that god knows that I try to do good to other’s so that perhaps  other’s will do good in return some-Inspirational-Quotes_13

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