Are You Stuck in a BAD Romance ?

March 15, 2014 2

Let’s face it we have all been there and why are we still there and even if you try to out weigh the good with the bad and there’s more bad then Good we forget what that little voice inside of us is telling us , lets go with a great example of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber we are all convinced that there is something terribly lacking in our girl selena and I’m all for #TeamSelena but why sweetie ?? she can have anyone she wants and continues to go back and forth with the Biebs ever wonder why? perhaps he’s great in Bed thats all I can think about ladies an gents cause really it all boils down to the SEX .

If the relationship you are with is Toxic and it’s not bringing out the best in you then ask your self this ……




You are the only person that can make “YOU”  Happy and being with someone that makes you More Happier that’s a Bonus we all want that but we make the mistake of settling for the fear of being Alone .

Your Stuck in a Bad Romance if you are always questioning the relationship and always unsure of things here are some Top 5 signs that may help you to decide.

5) HE OR SHE DOES NOT MAKE YOU A PRIORITY – Example what if he prioritize his ex-wife’s needs over you and he says it the sake for his kids, or perhaps he’s very selfish when it comes to your needs and especially in the sack how often has he or she pleased you ?? but they have to be pleased 1st and formost.

4) HE OR SHE MANIPULATE’S YOU-  And you know what I mean it’s only on their terms only they want to see you when they feel like it and it’s always last minute why?? because you are not their priority your just their back up plan #SorryButNotSorry

3) PUTS YOU DOWN ALL THE TIME , MAKES YOU FEEL LITTLE – For some reason he or she just seems to complain about all the time and picks on you with your “Poor” choices in career and life goals ok so he has a PHD in The University of UCLA and you only have Community College of 2 yrs under your belt but that does not give them the right to pic on you that’s being very selfish.

2)  UNDEPENDABLE – They are all about having fun and you guys have a great time when it’s just you and him but when it comes down to personal stuff like family problems, work related issues health problems … they tend to leave you hanging and your on your own with that , ok wait isn’t that’s why I have a partner to help me through my tuff times?

1)  LACKS INTEGRITY-You need him or her to be committed to You and you need to “matter ‘ to them , If you are facing a very difficult time in your life and you are asking them for their support and they lack on that department or they just  give you quick answers just to shut you up then I am so sorry but your stuck in a bad romance .

Like I said we have all been stuck in one of these and getting out of them is by far the most hardest thing to do because we are caring creatures that put their needs before ours but what ever happend to 50/50 ? look you Matter alot and you deserve to be happy and if this relationship is making you biter in every way and not completing you  then I think it’s time to move on or give it some space perhaps this person needs to realize how lucky they are to have you in their lives it will  you alot but it will hurt them even more


Are You stuck in a Bad Romance?

Are You stuck in a Bad Romance?

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