Back To School Tips for 1st Time Parents

August 17, 2015 0

Remember when your little one was born and you were holding him or her in your arms and would think how it would be when they older or perhaps when they start Kindergarten?? you told yourself it’s too far to think or worry about that now but the time has officially come and I bet you can’t wait to post those pics on your IG or FB account but before you do that here are some helpful tips to help you cope with the separation anxiety and to make sure it will be a safe a great year for the both of you  If you are a last minute parent like me I waited like the last week to go Back to school shopping but I am so glad I waited cause I got some of the greatest deals ever ok enough about that lets get to it 

1) Make sure a week or two weeks before school starts you get them to bed early , Chances are if you keep them at that same routine going to bed at midnight that is not going to work you want the kids to be focused and with plenty of energy .

2) Pack them plenty of snacks even if they say they don’t  get Hungry , my child is constant nibbler and is always thirsty , even if they get a free lunch at school or you give them money for lunch  still pack them a snack .

3) Give your Child a Pep talk about his teacher and his new Classmates , as a parent we need to inform our kids to always be nice to the teacher and his or her new classmates and to keep their hands to themselves inform yourself of the schools principal .

4) Do Not Tag The School when you are posting a Picture on IG or FB**** This is very crucial parents I don’t care if your circle of friends is all Family and Friends but in reality you can not trust anyone a lot of sexual predators are well informed that it’s back to school also I am not trying to throw you off but your profiles are not really that private I want to give you an example lets say there is a kidnapper that smuggles children and kidnaps them and takes them to other countries I  read and report the news on a daily basis this is going on .

5) If your a Stay at Home Mom Keep yourself Busy – Do not dwell and worry too much if he or she is ok or they miss you cause chances are they don’t sorry to break it to ya they are most likely having so much fun or not well you will find out once you pick them up. 

6) Safety First– You always remind your child to never get in a stranger’s car always act out scenarios with them it will stay in their heads on what is right and wrong  .

7) It’s ok if they don’t Finish their Breakfast- Most likely they are a bit nervous  and chances are they are going to take about 2 bites and that’s about it.

8) Be Consistant with routine – see what works and what doesn’t  let them be independent and let them pick out their cloths for school .

9) When they don’t like school – Tell them that not every chid will like school but its a must and that education is important , they just need to get used to it you as a parent want to have a good year show them why it’s important to seek education I tell my son if he wants to be a firefighter he needs to do good in school and this year I am arranging  to take him to our nearest fire department so that he can see the big fire truck and get all excited I am probably more excited if you know what I mean .

In a nutshell tell your kids you love them always and hold them tight give them endless hugs now while you can cause before you know it they are going to be like “Mom don’t Hug me in front of my school 🙁 

I still manage to kiss him to death before we head out or at least I try , Have a great year may the force be with you be ready to sit down and spend endless nights with complicated homework that you probably won’t understand .

                               “A Child will follow your example ore than your Advice “


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