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Being a Good Man is a lot to ask now a day’s and it take’s a man with a lot of Balls to be a good man , because I think most of the time it’s so they wont show their true feelings they are scared of that,  being vulnerable is something they never ever want to really expose that’s why it takes balls I have met so many jerks in my life that did me very wrong the one’s that had children of their own were the most jerks and ignorant men I can relate this with even my guy friends too , If a guy is willing to show their kindness and loving affection to you and let alone the world KEEP THAT MAN there is only a few left I think …. that really makes me sad but it’s true so true that when that man is so good to you , you think you are in a beautiful fairy tale Love Story , now in this time that we live in Men only talk to you Via Text or they break up with you via social media I had this one guy call things off trough Facebook I was really confused actually it took me a while to process that , what I find more disappointing is when a man chooses to lie to “MANY” different woman at the same time , I sometime wonder if man I don’t think they would like it if someone did that to their daughters now the exact same thing , there are many reasons why a man chooses to treat a woman any less than they would for one its cause maybe they are just bored or tired of what they have already but don’t want to let her go and 2nd maybe cut him some slack he is probably super confused and doesn’t know what he want’s Remember Men are slow when it comes to these kinda things but if you have a daughter it doesn’t make any sense to me at all you would figure that they would man up but no they still continue to not give a F%$#@K  ladies you can pick this up like right away but oh we love us a challenge and think we can change him straight … well your wrong you can’t fix anything that isn’t broken according to them bu them I mean Him 

 “You fell in love with my Flowers & My Roots , so when Autumn came you didn’t know what to do ” 


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Fellas I suggest you start treating woman right , being a gentleman goes a long way now and that is just so dam sexy , I have a son and I tell him that he needs to respect woman and be nice to them it starts when they are young and keep at it a loving man is a good man and goes a long way flowers and real dates still do exist and so do real late night conversations at least that’s what I like how about you ?? it’s ok to be an old fashioned gal with old fashioned ways …

Calipso Xo 


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