Cherish the Opportunity

October 30, 2014 0

So the other day having a conversation with my girls, I came to the conclusion that the saying “Women forgive, but don’t forget & Men forget, but don’t forgive” is a complete lie!

If men supposedly forget, why would they still be in contact with something that is not good for them in any aspect and will end up hurting them. Its as if they enjoy the pain for continuing in the same cycle. She may party and she may give it to you how you like and you enjoy the whole wild, young, and free. But in the end all the partying will not entertain and will be none of your interest when searching for stability. And NO! I’m not talking about financially, but EMOTIONALLY! Though I get it, we must live in the moment, but you must plan ahead because we live in a cruel world. A world where we fight our own battles. Where we all need love, even if you were to be the toughest person in the world.

And what better way to have that love and security from someone who is there for you not 20% nor 50% but 100% ! Btw fellas, IT’S OKAY TO BE YOU, who cares what the homie thinks! Keep in mind that the real homies will keep it raw with you and let you be exactly how you wanna be, rather than judging you and telling you thats wack, gay, and that you’re being a little girl. Be a hopeless romantic, show and tell them how much you appreciate them and love them. Remember what you give your lady, she will return it to you twice as much.

NOW LADIES! A man is always gonna be a man. Unfortunately, we learn this the hard way! Just know that you gave it your 110% to the relationship and LADIES DON’T SEEK REVENGE! Always think that KARMA HAS YOUR BACK! Believe me, it feels so good to know that you be doing everything right on your behalf. So let them think what ever they want to think. It feels great to have INNER PEACE!

At the end of the day they will regret that they could’ve had it all.

So love your partner unconditionally, let go of the past (thats why its called the past), don’t let the past ruin the most beautiful thing that has happen to you and most important CHERISH THE OPPORTUNITY!




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