Chronicles of My Chucky Doll .. He has a mouth like a sailor well sort of

February 11, 2015 0

Lately my Son has been acting up like a lot and it was getting to the point where I was over thinking things way too much as a parent we get these scary thoughts in our head like example : I hope he doesn’t turn out exactly like his father , or lands in jail and ends up being a convicted felon no seriously these are what goes through my mind I admit my child is a little out of hand ok he’s way out there but he’s just so liberal and his character and personality is just so amusing to watch I can just stare at him for hrs at a day , now what I am getting at is that my son was developing such a sailor mouth that his teachers were calling me about just about every single day with bad news and notes coming home it just got too far and he for some reason was not feeling bad at all like it didn’t even phase him I was very concerned  action needed to be taken ASAP!!  I sat down with him many times and explained to him what the consequences would be and frankly to be honest with you I lost count how many baby sitters and day care places he went through because of his behavior he looked like he understood but the calls kept on calling and as busy as my life is there is just no excuse for this , I began taking things away from him that he enjoyed like the Tablet , Toys , TV, favorite toys especially his toys cause that meant less cleaning for me it wasn’t till he finally saw that I meant bussiness and even school started pulling him out of fun activities now everyone is out to get him he says but my point was is that it’s working for now and  I am going to stick to this as long as I can , and parents don’t be scared of your kids my son has me wrapped around his little finger and he melts my heart in every way but enough is enough set the ground rules and stick with them they are smart they will turn it around and make it seems like they are the victim but don’t suck into it , remember manson’s behavior started out as a child and I am sure his mom totally regrets giving up on his son 

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“Your Children will become who you are ; So be  who you Want them to Be ”  XoXo Calipso the Editor.

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