Flawless Summer Skin

May 21, 2014 1

Are you almost ready for summer, but your skin doesn’t seem to be with you?

Well ladies & gents too, I present to you the Tree Hut Shea Sugar Almond & Honey Body Scrub! It’s made with organic Shea butter.

This is one of the things where it’s a must that you buy if you want to be showing of some nice, smooth, & flawless skin. But I must say don’t expect to see results right away, it will be a gradual progression!

If you happen to be like me where you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to help your extreme dryness, Bingo! Tree Hut has been my little helper for almost 3months and it has worked great on me. Though we must keep in mind that each type of skin is different so results vary.

Having read this, hope my tip helps you & let me know if it worked out for you. There are different scents if you happen not to like the one I recommended, but almonds are known for keeping your skin moisturized.

P.S: You may find it at your local drug store!

Happy Summer Prepping!


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