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You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself , and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself , as much as anybody in the entire universe , deserve your love and affection .

Remember the people we surround ourselves will either lift us or drain us you are the one that makes that choice , if someone has hurt you in such a way that you have no means of forgiving them you yourself are not moving forward why? because you don’t want to move on you want some kind of closure or remind that person on and on that they have hurt you in such a way that you almost want them to hurt just as much and let me just say that it’s ok to feel this way a bit selfish but if you spend your entire life with this hate inside of you with this heavy heart you are the one that is missing out on what life has to offer you .

By forgiving we release all the negative space inside of us and make room for all the new and amazing moments that you yet still to have imagine your hate like a storage facility you have all these old boxes with so much junk in them that by the time you want to make room for more new boxes there isn’t any more room why? because you decided to leave all those old boxes there and now you are more stressed and wished you had done something about it sooner , example when I left my marriage  we stored everything in a storage facility that I was paying for cause I had furniture and cloths and other stuff that really wasn’t of any use for me but little by little I got to realize that I didn’t really need any of that stuff it only served me as a constant reminder of the miserable marriage that I had and all the lies etc , I sold the couch for very cheap which was one of my favorite pieces of furniture and I mostly gave away the rest and figured some other family will make use of it ..

Time Heals almost Everything 

By forgiving someone who is not sorry is by far one of the most hardest and most challenging things we all have to go through at least once in our lives , I for one have done nothing but forgive people for the wrong doing in my heart , life , career , money etc I just had to let it go and really not give a FUCK any more if you expect others to treat you with the same way you treat them I am very sorry but you will be let down in so many ways because there really isn’t anymore kind people anymore , if you hold grudges on a co-worker what is that going to get you ? its going to make the workplace a very uncomfortable place to be at for at least 9 hrs or more just forgive that co-worker that has done you wrong and just pray for their soul maybe they need a friend have you ever thought about that ? my last job I worked with so many ungrateful people and selfish to be exact and not to mention malicious the things I have seen and heard others do what very heart breaking as I sat back and evaluated that individual I felt really sorry for them they needed faith and guidance to seek something better in them selves  .

By forgiving someone who hurt you after you have given them your heart has to be so painful and brutal yes it is cause I myself had to experience it and with almost every relationship I have encountered there was never any closure maybe with them  there was ,  I mean they woke up one day and decided to not call me or text me or even say a simple sorry hey I went back to my ex the on-again and off again for the past few yrs now I had to find out through social media one of the worst ways to find out the real truth it hurt real bad but I wasn’t surprised because Twiddle Dee deserves Twiddle Dumb and from what I saw they both are very Dumb one of them for allowing a man to cheat on them with numerous woman and the other one for using me to be his rebound frankly he’s an Idiot because I consider myself a Gem a rare Gem that first of all you don’t play with and that’s exactly what he did he played with my emotions my heart , my kindness the list goes on but I had to forgive him so that I can move on and wish them the very best of luck with their on-again off again relationship I mean isn’t that so beautiful and everlasting ? LOL I write this because I know he will read this , I hope to never encounter him again although who knows we both are in Radio and it’s such a small world that if I do encounter him I pray to God that I don’t loose it and that I am able to just walk away with a peaceful heart .

It Cost $0.00 to be a Decent Person 

Do yourself a huge favor here is some homework for you it can be done today , tomorrow, next week , next month or when ever you are ready but just do it …If there is someone in your life that you have done some wrong reach out to them and ask for forgiveness if that is too much for you ask God for Forgiveness whether you are sorry or not some day you will be and it will be too late we live in a horrible world where so many hateful things are happening that being kind to one another is almost a gift and its so precious too .

You can’t start the next chapter of your life, if you keep Re-reading the Last One

XoXo Calipso !

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