Guten Tag Ramon

February 3, 2015 0

Guten Tag Ramon is the German translation of Buen Dia Ramon.

A film in which I had the opportunity to see before it hit theaters this past weekend(Jan. 30).

Jorge Ramirez Suarez did an EXCEPTIONAL job from writing, to directing, to the selection of characters!

Through this film, Suarez was able to show to the whole word that besides having difficult times when migrating to a new country, not everything is lost.

The film starts off taking place in Durango, Mexico; Ramon’s native state. From there, in pursuits of a better financial situation Ramon heads out to Germany.  Little did he know that upon arrival, the person who he was sure would receive help from was no where to be found. Not only did Ramon use his drawing talents to communicate, he was always searching of ways to help and get money at same time. Just when he thought he had hit rock bottom, an elderly lady named Ruth, later became his guardian angel. If it would’ve been for Ruth’s noble heart along with the grocery cashier, Ramon wouldn’t have made it. Ruth took him in, without caring that he didn’t know the language and that most likely he wasn’t legal in the country.

I will not mention the end or get in to more details because it’s a movie I DEFINITELY encourage everyone to see. Whether you speak spanish or not. It a story in which we all can identify, and touches every aspect of life.

To the point where it gets you thinking, how amazing would the world be if we were all willing to help one another.

ps: Kristyan Ferrer portrayed his role so well, and just really connected with the character. Plus he brought in a little humor which was great.

Got Catch Guten Tag Ramon, in a theater near you!




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