Happy Mother’s Day To All the Wonderful Mother’s In The World

May 9, 2015 0

photo-26   “There will Be So Many Times You Feel Like You’ve Failed , But in The Eyes Heart And Mind of Your Child , You Are Super Mom”


The Moment I knew she was Coming my Life changed I was only 17 yrs old and with what lies ahead of me was frighting but I knew I had to Face it , God gave me a Blessing and I knew I was going to love her no matter what , not knowing what I was going to do but very worried that I and the father will have to be responsible of this little human being that was coming , I have raised a fine young woman with the ambition just like me at 19yrs of life she is still my little baby , when I got the news about my son I was so shocked cause again I wasn’t ready for him either and all this time I thought I had the stomach flu I was in deep denial but the arrival of my son was one of the most amazing feelings ever the thought of raising him alone was scary but I knew it was something I had to do it was the best for all of us as a mother you have to do what you can to protect them and I don’t regret a single thing , my little one is so young to understand what even happened  but he’s been asking and I do try to be as honest as possible it breaks my heart that it hurts him but just like my oldest I have faith that he will understand …

“Until you Become a Mother , no one can ever tell you what it will feel like to love someone  else so deeply and profoundly that you will rejoice when they rejoice, ache when they ache  feel what they feel~ even without ever speaking a word”


Like any mother I always wondered if the choices I have are always the right ones and at one point I felt very selfish and it wash’t till someone pointed out you need to put your kids first before anything I really questioning my life choices at the time but then when I really really thought about it I could have been that kind of selfless mother that would leave her kids at home and party till the next morning sleep with a lot of men or even be a drug addict like the horrible stories I keep hearing  I was very lucky that my mother was the way she was and I knew in heart I wash’t being selfish I just worked a lot to bring home the bacon and striving for a career in the entertainment field , I wasn’t doing anything wrong I see a lot of mother’s out there not giving a rats ass about their  kids and I only hope for the best , I know being a mother is a lot of work and it’s tuff but remember that at the end of the day it’s priceless there are mother’s out there that are struggling to make ends meet and are happy with the little that they have  I praise those moms, and bless those mom’s that adopt children and those that can’t have kids but take them and love them like they are their very own blood , and  how about those step moms that love those kids like if they was their very own all those stories you hear about the Evil step moms they are not all true



                                                                     (noun- adjective- verb)

                           One Who Does Whatever it takes to get whatever is Done …. Period


When I was a little girl I always knew that I wanted to have a big family, and my little family of 3 is all I need right now and I am complete , I was at the doctors office for my annual visit and the doctor  asked me if I wanted to get my tubes tied or if I was ever thinking of having anymore kids and I replied with the simple of not looking into doing that right now there is a little part of me that want’s one more and what if I  find the one that wants just one more kid from me I would like to at least try , I wonder if there are more women in my place my son tells me all the time I want a baby sister because I want to be a Big Brother he had me thinking the whole day like ok Calipso first have a serious relationship then maybe think that I leave it all in gods hands , I want to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy mother’s Day to all the hard working mamacitas in the world that are putting food a roof over before anything in this world all those wonderful at home moms that get the kids ready for school in the am and attend the PTA meetings and are so involved in their kids life and mange to keep the husbands at home happy  you are all super mom the cape is hiding under the jacket ..

2014-08-21 17.27.02


My kids are my world and I know sometimes I might not make the best decisions  but its all from my heart the hours of labor and 9 months of being fat doesn’t  compare to the reward at the End I love you Mommy and your the best mommy in the world my kids make my heart melt every time they are a piece of me that if I were to ever leave this earth you would see a lot of me in them trust me …

Hail to the women that make it happen and I really must give this one to my mother she is a great woman to inspired me to be the woman I have become strong bold fierce and filled with ambition and my kids are going to be the same way

photo-28                                          Happy Mother’s Day may you always be fierce and bold

                                                                        Calipso Aranda

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