February 13, 2016 0

This day is just another day for consumers to make more money on Flowers , chocolates , teddy bears and Hotel Rooms being sold OUT , I used to work at a hotel and boy were we always sold out on that day , you what the worst part about working there was that I would see guest bring in their Mistress too ohh but a nice big tip was always waiting for me at check out ohh brother  I don’t judge to each their own ..


Remember this day isn’t just about couples it’s about LOVE period the love for your Mother , your Father , your kids your family member’s your very close friends always always tell people you care about them dearly and this whole single awareness thing it’s ok it will pass you will find your partner all in due time and if he or she doesn’t want to commit then just move on maybe it’s not the right time yet , I really want to thank you all for reading my blog post and the feedback is awesome  I love you all .

Besitos Calipso Xo



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