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photo-15She wanted a pet Dog but she got a Baby Brother instead at least that’s what she keeps telling me and her little brother loves his big sister so much I seriously thought  I was going to go crazy with them but they hardly ever fight like at all and if they do it’s just for something so small they have the best bond ever I think it’s because they have a huge age gap oh like 11 yrs don’t  judge me I actually wasn’t going  to have anymore kids I was going to stop after my Emy and the fact that I was in the process  of leaving her dad that’s another long story but I knew I was going to have a Boy this time around  was much more different  than my 1st child with my girl sometime’s I forgot that I was prego  Emily was the only child for such a long time and she knew she wasn’t going to be the only  one anymore , as soon as Daniel came she was such a great big sister right off the bat she helped me so much and still does they have such a great bond and one day she told me “Mom I can’t be watching daniel that much anymore cause I don’t have a life ” that did not settle very well with me she was absolutely  right , but I really had nobody to help me but my very own daughter back in my days we had no choice we had to babysit our siblings , I don’t think she understood my situation that well she knew her dad was not a dependable person nor could I count on him I always thought  she understood that or perhaps  maybe even feel bad for me cause she knew how much I was struggling  and still am being a single mother is so much hard work and not a day goes by that I think “How does my kids father even sleep at night ” knowing how hard each day is for me and if it wasn’t for my parents I really don’t know where I’d be , I used to work a lot before so it got a lot better and things are a bit slower but with the little that has to be done it still puts a strain  on her and I don’t want her to hate me for it either ,  I know she loves her baby brother a lot  and maybe he’s  just a pain in the A$$ sometimes but I know that she means well and I am so grateful  that they have each other to count on now my son wants to be a Big brother  … I think I will really buy him a Dog instead.

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