November 24, 2014 0

Things haven’t been stable for at least a good 2 yrs or so  and it wasn’t till recently that things started to progress on me I took a lot of risk in 2013 , I left my full-time job to focus on my career in radio and was taken off the air after 9 months after it was very hard for me to get back on my feet but I didn’t cry and I’m so thankful that God gave me the strength to overcome that , but I am glad that I took a risk that I will never regret cause what are the chances that you get the opportunity to Rock the LA airwaves and in the Morning , I went from working too much to working very little and I had 2 kids to feed plus my bills and , I had to cut down on so much but it was all good cause Im not much of a material person it’s the little things in life that make me happy , I have this really good friend that always told me Calipso your going to go very far you are so talented god has something for you just be patient and wait for it , never in the back of my mind did I ever question my capability but I had to be realistic and I wasn’t going to go back to work as a wedding planner again I knew I had to make things happen and quick , there wash’t a day that went by that I didn’t apply to an entertainment job heck I was even considering being a stylist for a production company but it didn’t work out and I am thankful for that .

2014 was a big roller coaster ride for me emotionally and physically I was going to work not knowing what was going to happen to me I had always Imagined the worse but a little hope inside of me kept my head up high , I did a lot of things to keep me busy  and motivated I read a lot and prayed and got closer to god and really just thanked him for a full tank of Gas , food my kids my job , my son wanted to go to disneyland for his birthday but I knew I could not afford it so I passed on it he still holds it against me btw, but I am thankful that I was able to organize a small little birthday party for him he needed back to school cloths so thats what he got he had a smile on his face and that’s all that mattered , feeling alone and with no way out is very scary but I think about my life rewind about 10 yrs ago ….It was much worse and I am thankful that I am not there anymore , as the holidays are approaching and it’s almost 2015 I am thankful for this new job that I got that is still radio and media it couldn’t have come at such a better time God has such good timing and I am so happy there perhaps LA radio is not the time for me at the moment I haven’t given up and I don’t plan to either . 

This year has been a lot about paying it forward and just trying to be helpful , there isn’t  any room for hate or being bitter to other people I have worked on a lot of my close friendships and keep those that mean a lot to me very close, the circle isn’t that big either , I am thankful for those friends that have tried to make attempts to stay strong and close they know I try calipso1-123From the moment I realized that Change was Ok I let go of all the fears that have been haunting me all this time , I don’t know if I can take another heartbreak in life for what it’s worth all of lives lessons have impacted me in such a way that I am thankful for them , If they had not happend to me I probably would not be able to just appreciate the simple things in life …As I say this every year I will work on being a better mom , a better sister , a daughter and a friend I love myself enough to alway’s know my worth and to always try to make better choices and wise ones at that I don’t have room for failure …

What you think you become .

What you feel you Attract.

What you Imagine you Create 


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