I Refuse to BE Your “Sometimes”

June 29, 2015 0

You all know where I am going with this one , this is about the time he or she only calls you or Texts you when they only need something or maybe they was bored don’t you just hate being someone’s back up plan ?? and option when they just happen to think about you maybe you popped up on their News Feed or something ok I won’t make you feel anymore less than you already feel but if your reading this I know this has happened to you before or is happening right now *Go Ahead Roll your Eyes* 

What have you done to make yourself clear that you are Nobody’s Sometime?

There’s many ways of avoiding like walk away ….. But that’s not what you want to do especially if your really interested in this person or maybe there’s a history of back and forth with the two of you , Now the YoYo effect isn’t going to do either of you any good and you know that too , I highly  believe that us as woman we like to suffer a whole lot , men just don’t want drama in Spanish a Las Mujeres now gusta Sufrir this is so accurate cause the one time that a nice guy came along while I was trying to deal with a ruthless and heartless jerk this nice guy was just Too nice *Side look*  I just ended up finding so many bad things about him it was all too sad poor guy I’m sure he’ll be fine he ended being a real jerk after I refused another date wow what a girl last time I checked I was the female but I did him a favor why was I going to have him stick around if I really wasn’t interested in him heck I didn’t even want to keep him as a friend anyhow my point is I did him a Favor .. But I was someone’s Sometime’s at the time , I did learn a lot  and it had to take some real hard realization that I don’t deserve that cause I matter if you ask me know I will tell you that I am a Diamond but when I was caught up I don’t know what I was , I lost myself completely .

For a man things don’t really phase them until they have really deep feelings for a female, then they freak out they either leave the scene or do something about it like proceed with caution 

“Take a Lover who looks at you like Maybe you are Magic” ~Frida Kahlo~

Be the one that decides where this is going now if you want to see if things can work thats another topic  maybe I should write tips on how to get the man of your dreams LoL that’s so corny I know I have no clue on that your on your own but what I really mean is that you are not valuing your worth when you let someone in when they don’t even see you a anything of a potential  ..I really wish we can all go back to simpler times back when all this social media mumbo jumbo didn’t even exist I mean that and that’s another topic , look this person will regret loosing you sooner or later you don’t need to be around for that .

“When you loose someone who is your entire Universe, it hits you , All the chances  you didn’t take , all the things  you didn’t say , Because the truth is that you think you have forever, but you don’t , You Never Do”

Calipso Xo



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