Is Leopard Really out Yet??

June 21, 2014 1

783133_7223_1024x2000let me re-word that and don’t get mad cause I for one love leopard but a lot of you ladies are taking it to the Extreme Calm down you don’t need to dress animal print from head to toe Unless it’s a one piece ensemble and those that are taking it too far you know who you are the skinny mid-drift halter that is a shirt but you use it as a dress is OUT ¬†ladies you know who you are we want leopard to stay but we need to keep it classy not trashy and not too much of it either , if we are going to accessorize the animal print keep it a minimal of no more than 2 perhaps those sexy stelleto’s and a simple clutch or purse and stop right there don’t over do it with a scarf and the blazer keep it simple also if your going to wear a one piece pair it up with a bold color like a red or neon color shoes, or be safe with Black don’t be the talk of the town with that not so bold move of yours¬†

add some fierce to this look remember you got this

add some fierce to this look remember you got this


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