It’s Ok if things aren’t working out right now //MONDAY MOTIVATE ME

May 3, 2015 0



Ever get the Feeling that maybe God Is Punishing you? cause instead of things going Right they are Going Left and you ask yourself  what did I do in life to deserve  such bad luck it’s one thing after the other you Give up sometimes  I feel you on that , you need to sit back count to 10 and relax and figure out a plan everything has a solution the clouds are not going to stay forever that’s what I always tell myself and then I remind myself the worst times and situations that I used to be in my life , I used to work as fashion merchandiser at a well known store and I really loved my job but I hated retail and my biggest set back was that I had no Car I was always going to work on a Bus and walking a long distance to be at a certain Bus stop and while I was struggling with all this My Ex-Husband at the time was giving rides to his Mistress to and from work when I found out my Jaw dropped but what I want to say is that forward much yrs later and Now I have a car I can depend on the other Day I was driving in the exact bus stop that I used to take when things were not stable the memory of me standing in the Sun or when it was raining freezing  cold I hated my life and I hated the situation I was in but I was determind to change my fate I didn’t know how but it had to be done , that day that I drove by the Bus stop I got this amazing feeling in Heart like a big weight was lifted of my Chest and it felt so good that I no longer had that feeling of stress or discomfort If I told you how many times men would park the car beside the bus stop and asked me if I wanted a ride I don’t have that many hands , and I knew Back then I didn’t have things figured out but I was going to keep going and persue the things I wanted to do and that was to drive myself to my auditions and gigs to and from work take my kids to school .

Everything is all about timing and be very patient your time will come it may take week’s months , perhaps yrs But it will come keep moving forward and don’t forget to keep your eyes on the prize 


Calipso xoxo

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