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Anything That Annoys you is teaching  you Patience . Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand up on your own two feet . Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion . Anything that has power over you is teaching you how to take your power back . Anything you Hate is teaching you unconditional love . Anything you fear is teaching you courage to overcome your fear Anything you can can’t control is teaching you how to let GO ~ JACKSON KIDDARD~

 As accurate as this may sound or is I am learning all of these , I was always annoyed at the fact that the person I was talking to for a while now never really showed me he cared enough cause he was only selfish with his needs and wants , he did me wrong in so many ways that not even an I’m sorry but all this anger has taught me forgiveness and that not everything needs closure so I forgave him well I prayed to god and forgave him and at that same prayer I asked him to give me faith to let go once again of the things that took power over me , I didn’t want to hate anyone nor be bitter because perhaps that person is going through something that I wasn’t aware about again I pray for those that did me wrong . And anything that brought me so much fear really did teach me the courage to overcome it I was fearing change I mean the loss of two jobs at around the same time isn’t anything to be taken lightly , I am keeping my faith that god has something so big and special for me cause he’s working on me and the fact the I gave it so many tries to give it all I can in so many ways it didn’t really matter because there were a couple Lucifer’s that were knocking me down and trashing my name might I add that Lucifer isn’t just a Male it has a Vagina too this year has brought so much surprises in people that I realized my circle is to stay smaller and by that I mean a Handful .

Believe that opportunity  is everywhere and all around you .

Believe you are here for a reason 

I believe in Woman Empowerment and that we must uplift each other always instead of knocking each other down with this so called Hate or Hater I know a lot of them and your better off just letting it be or stay away from it the best thing you can do is just to kill them with your Kindness and the best revenge is always success , happy to say that I know so many great woman too that build each other up and work together on being great and doing amazing things I mean if you succeed I succeed right ? In my radio and acting , modeling career I have seen and most of it has been nothing but negative and hate and throwing people under the bus for the price of Fame I know one thing and that is that God is watching , I treat people how they treat me simple as that and I give back what is given to me but triple simple as that , I have had to swallow my pride and bite my tounge so many times already and throwing the towel seemed so much easier to do but giving up meant that I was giving up on myself and I couldn’t do that to me cause I matter and so do you ….

I really don’t like to sound negative  or post things other people cause thats not me I wanted to speak in general cause this radio thing has taught one thing and one thing only You Trust no one and always watch what you say that really applies to everything especially in this industry 

Believe that the Best is yet to Be 

I hope this was helpful for you to try to understand that there are evil people out there that do not care what it takes to do to knock you out of the ring but you know what Believe in yourself all you have to do is just Believe …

I thank those ladies and Gents that have always showed me greatness and support throughout  the yrs and the course of my journey you know who you are because they never miss out on reading a blog post that I write , you are the true real MVP and to those that just like to troll on my stuff keep on trolling cause your a Fan believe you are a Fan <3

Besitos XoXo CALIPSO


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