Lip Aid Kit

July 31, 2014 0

Have you ever had the case of severe dryness or cold sores on your lips and need them to be soft in a quickness?

I’ve suffered a lot from this since mr.sun and my lips don’t get along. But thank god I have found Vaseline Lip Therapy, which has became my little helper and thought I’d share it with you our lovely reader!
The most important part about the product is that it contains cocoa butter. Keep in mind that cocoa butter & Shea butter are always great to achieve soft skin. What’s also awesome about Vaseline is the shiny effect and it’s not thick like a lip gloss, as well as it being long lasting.
So next time you’re going through the dryness case..look for my little helper and while you’re at it let me know if it helped you.

Stay fresh! Xoxo
– Jackie


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