Mommy I am not scared anymore!!

December 2, 2015 0

As a Woman I can’t teach  my son how to be a man but I can teach him show him to not be scared if that makes any sense ….

Father’s are supposed to teach his son’s about being a man and to one day be the man of the house and when I was married many centuries ago I always feared the way he was going to teach values to my son so far he has done nothing but teach him bad habits and bad values it’s like I don’t know  him when I pick him up my son is not a bad kid really he is not it’s just that he’s like a sponge and pics up things temporally  , the other day it took me about 15 min to get him to take a selfie of him and the dinosaur exhibit he was so scared and timid and I really wanted my picture with the T-Rex LoL .

Well he took the picture just to shut me up and I explained to him that it wasn’t going to do anything to him but he didn’t believe me , we was so excited to visit more of the museum  that when we finished with all the touring and playing he said Mom we can take that selfie now cause I’m not scared anymore , we watched The Good Dinosaur that previous week and the storyline def stuck with him and he compared himself like the character Arlo and he may not have not gone through many adventures like him but in a way life has a funny way of teaching us a thing or two 

photo-39I play the role of Mom and Dad and sometimes I wish I knew how to say things without sounding so girlish but at least he has an uncle and a grandpa to help me with that but I def nailed the whole taking a piss out in public (by public I mean go In the corner somewhere) LoL boys are easier sometimes in a sense that sometimes I am just like “I got this ” 

                             Don’t ask him to live in your world, visit his world instead 


Having a boy is def a joyous ride and I learn from him each and everyday just the other day I had gotten some very bad news that it deeply stressed me out I came home from 2hrs sitting in traffic with a  massive migraine  headache I cried I kid you not that’s how bad it was , but he understood me for the very 1st time and told me that he will take care of me that night , I layed in bed for at least an hour and he covered me with his sonic blanket and gave me head scalp massages how amazing is that I couldn’t  have asked for a better son then it hit me when I grow old and useless will he still take care of me or will I be a burden to him 🙁 I hope he continues to be as noble as he is now I am sure he will be .




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