April 26, 2015 0

Happy Monday and it is the Last Monday of April can you believe how fast Time flies April was nothing but a Bliss and glad to put it behind me . Now time to make room for whats in store for all of us , ever just catch yourself saying I wish  like a lot ?? this uses to be and I stopped saying  it and started doing it whether if  it was getting healthy to eating right and feeling more thankful than before  it can be mean just about anything , don’t wish to be a better person just Do it !! 


There comes a time in your life when perhaps your tired of the same thing and just want more out of life don’t be that person that let week’s months or years go by and regret not doing anything it’s easier said then done and the what will always come back to haunt you . What if I had taken that job position would I have been in a Better living situation , or perhaps I let the love of  my life slip away from me well go see if you can find them and tell em what you have always wanted to say to them .

Don’t just wish DO and what is necessary  to get to where you need to be  it might take months or years but the outcome is priceless #MOTIVATEMEMONDAY

Calipso xoxo


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