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We all need a little Monday Pick me up and what do you do to Motivate yourself ?

I used to work at a Dead End Job where I was just Dragging and in my Desk  I had this little post it note that said “I will Make My Wish a Reality” when I Left that Job to pursue my career I took it with me and I smiled at my co-worker who shared the office with me and he told those words that I will never Forget “Girl I am so super Proud of you you did exactly what you said you were going to do …Of course I got teary eyed cause I wasn’t  much of a person that followed through  stuff I always Half assed things cause I always Got discouraged …

photo-21What ever it is that you do to motivate yourself Do It and Do it always share the knowledge always , and remember your journey is yours only don’t compare yourself to anyone else Do something daily that is working towards to what you want to do in life some people are lucky yes or blessed and they don’t even appreciate it some people things were handed to them but you have something that nobody else has and if you don’t know it yet its your job to find out 

Happy Monday Everyone lets have a great week New Day , New Goals , Kick Ass , Be Awesome 

Calipso XoXo



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