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And we will do the impossible to protect  her that’s for dam sure , so I thought I had all the answers  and solutions to everything but , not for a broken heart </3  I remember the day very clearly I went in her room and I had noticed she was avoiding everyone at the house she’s normally a hermit crab and stays in her room for long periods of time but that day she did not come down to even eat , I finally was done with my chores and I go to her room and find her crying hopelessly my heart felt to the ground I didn’t know what to say but I had figured it had to do with her boyfriend and she told me that her boyfriend broke up with her ….

As a mother I wanted to go find him and tell him off and how dare he break her heart , she just told me to hold her to hold her really tight and that she just wants this pain to go away and this was something that I wasn’t capable of doing I had no control over this is something she had to mend on her own , I was there for her in every way that I could but she had to find her way cause it’s  not like I could go to school with her and follow her around everywhere and find this boy and make his life a living hell well I did give him a piece of my mind , through out the course of her heart break she did fall into a bit of a dark depression and I was very concerned  about it but in do time she got the point that it’s no use moping around and feeling depressed after so much talk and reasoning with her I was so glad that realized that she was so much better than that , I mean I remember my 1st heartbreak it took forever to get over but I’ll never forget it cause it was my 1st ever heart break and I put myself in her shoes and here I am expecting her to get over it within a week trust me this heartbreak was my heartbreak too ……

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She finally focused on something that would keep her busy and happy well she did go back with him and about a year later she realized he wasn’t for her I was so proud of my baby because she was making hard adult decisions  that I know was hard for her but she did it because she values herself and her worth and that no one will ever take that away from her and I fought her that “ME” she saw how her father treated me and by me letting that happen its like if that was ok and no way no how I wanted this story to repeat itself , I told her she will fall in love again to a looser boy and to keep dating and to not just settle but to alway keep in mimd that her goals and dreams come first , she reminds me a lot like myself she loves to Love , you know when I had her in my arms when the nurse gave her to me when she was born I whispered in her ears and told her mommy loves you and I will always protect you,  19 yrs later I have kept my promise and will continue to do so …..

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If your a new parent this something that you will eventually have to face and what I can say is just be there for them and show them the positive of life and keep pushing them to be a better person and that they don’t need anybody that doesn’t need them .

Thank you for reading another Mommy Diaries I hope this was helpful 

Calipso xoxo


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