Never Hold Anything Back

May 22, 2014 2

Our character develops as soon as we are born did you know that? And did you know that more than half of us always speak our minds? that’s a good thing sometimes there are also the rest of us that we tend to hold back a lot in order to avoid drama , hurt , pain , or embarrassment or for the fear of feeling or sounding like a fool .

Dealing with a person that has walls up since day one is a relationship doomed for hell but like always the female species thinks she can break those walls down and willing to risk it all for the sake of saying ” I Did it” but what if you didn’t ? this will completely shatter all your feelings that you ever had for man kind it’s so devastating when he will Not open up to you and ladies it’s mostly all of them, now that I think about it not one man that I came across was willing to open up to me not that there was a lot but the feeling was so disapointing all women want is someone to be real with them and to never sugarcoat anything , anytime anyone came close to opening up with their feelings with me they did what every coward scared man would do and that is to turn around and run the other way a lot of women feel that the relationship was such a tease if this has happend to you don’t worry doll it’s prob better to let them keep their feelings bottled up inside and you just wait it will burst out of them , you might not be around for it cause well the next girl after you is most likely to deal with it cause sooner or later they give in but it’s a bloody shame when perhaps what if this one man was “The One” maybe he was, but that’s his fault for letting you slip away , perhaps a lot of things were left unsaid but be certain that when he’s in the next relationship most likely the downgrade , he will realize that holding back on his feelings was a huge mistake , when men get really close to someone and have strong feelings for someone they get really scared because they are so used to having all control of their feelings and when they feel something they are not used to like perhaps Love , affection , butterflies  it basically scares the shit out of them and they don’t want to feel that way because men are used to the routine that they have created and letting someone else in their territory it’s kinda like ” You can’t sit with us ” #ByeFelicia no really it is .

Remember the man does not know what he wants until he reaches about 35-40 can you Imagine how many great women they passed up ? prob a lot so don’t feel bad rest assured the right one is out there wondering where your at now isn’t that worth waiting for ?

If someone really Loves you , they wouldn’t let you slip away no matter how hard the situation is….

I want to keep returning so I really hope you update frequently.

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