Nicholas Sparks Captivates with The Best of Me

October 15, 2014 0

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend a private screening for The Best of Me in Downtown LA. The Best of Me is a movie based on the novel written by Nicholas Sparks.

If i had to describe this movie in one word, I can say it’s BREATHTAKING. Its one of those movies where you can have bonding time with your bestie, mom, and even your boo thang. If you can get your partner to go watch it with you or he decides to take you to see it, OH LORD! You have a keeper because a lot of men would think its wack and most of the time they’re afraid to show emotion. This love story between Dawson & Amanda will get you laughing, crying, and expecting the unexpected from Dawson’s hateful dad.

Nicholas Sparks makes us re-live a journey with our first loves and the importance of how you must let go in order to live happy. To keep it real with yourself in regards to your emotions and letting your gut tell you that the choice is right, to go with it. On another note, Hoffman (director) made the right choice of picking Michelle Monaghan and James Marsden to play the lead roles..they did an exceptional performance portraying their role. Well at least I think so, I litearllly fell in love, felt the connection with Dawson & Amanda and could’ve wished my boo was with me to cuddle and cry on his shoulder. (I know, I sounded like a cheeseball and YES, I did cry!) Though I would’ve love to see Paul Walker play the lead role, since they initially had him in mind; according to But I’m sure Paul Walker, must be doing tons of stuff in the heavens : )

Well I could keep going, but I would rather you go watch it.


So make sure this weekend you plan a date and go see The Best of Me! In theaters October 17!

PS: Thanks to Relativity Studios, for the girly The Best of Me pack.



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