Pay More Attention to your Creator than your Critics

August 2, 2016 0

If you spend your whole life and time worried about what other people might say or think of you , you are setting yourself up for failure , so many people feed off of the energy they get from critics , haters , debbie downers , negative nancy’s etc .

I for one can not stand people  that say direct negative remarks towards other individuals  and ever notice the person who is talks all the smack is usually the person with the less friends ? ever wonder why people get to that point ? like did you just say something so out of content that you just made yourself look so stupid , I for one try to accommodate  everyone I study the person how they are and just roll with it but when the person is so negative I just tend to block and tune myself out when they are talking , it bugs the shit out of people , cause the critic just really wants someone to talk to and vent for a while .

How to deal with Negative Nancy ?

Simple you just don’t if it is getting way to out of hand you can easily shut this person down by talking to them remember communication is the key I had a co-worker that used to be really nice to you in front  of your face but once you turn your back this lady turned evil real quick like real quick and it really did bother me because at one point I did pour my heart out to this person and confided this person with personal issues I was having at the time and lets just call her Lucifer but she spent her time really just monitoring what everyone else did and was worried about everyone else but her dam self  , during our last months of working for that company I really just making the most out of it and enjoyed it as much as I could , and I didn’t really let it get to me cause I knew deep down inside this person wasn’t being understood , and I came up with the conclusion that this person was probably experiencing a medical condition that maybe she wasn’t comfortable in sharing , hey it happens , and when it slips out of your mouth that you forgot  to take your meds I put two and two together  ohhhh this whole time I was dealing with a Nutcase , I can’t believe I wasted my energy on that .

If by any means you get criticized by your every single move it’s because you are doing something right and now days I wish people had common sense with how they use their words and being careful does no longer apply here I mean last time I checked we were adults , remember you are the creator of this Book you are writing and who cares if  something didn’t come out right there is always room for improvement  this so called life didn’t come with instructions and it sure didn’t come easy either , sometimes I feel these mean people were meant to be placed in front of us to test ourselves and see how we handle things good or bad , but doesn’t it feel so good when good people get placed in your path that bring out the good in you , I am still dealing with debbie downers and quite frankly I feel very sorry for them and I pray for them always much more because you don’t know what battles they are facing , I had someone recently tell me that they have no friends and I knew why but sometimes it’s their own fault they are digging their own hole as you would say .

You have to continue to be the best version of yourself no matter what they say , skip those who , obstruct  you remember  you fall seven times , stand up eight , and be kind to unkind people they need it the most .


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