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March 15, 2014 1

So are things getting kinda boring in the bedroom and getting too ordinary ?? This must not continue and the Sex needs to always be Amazing one of you in the relationship is lagging it so one of you needs to step it up and ladies if you need to take some erotic dancing lessons DO IT for the sake of your sex lives every time you have sex with your partner , lover one night stand , husband , boyfriend or friend it needs to be one word “AMAZING” so amazing that it leaves you thinking about it for a week now ain’t that the truth and would be nice I will be posting some sex positions that you might want to try with your partner to spice it up I mean if it’s getting kinds boring it does not hurt to try


LUNGS -its one of the most intrigue among  the women on top positions , because of the freedom of the movement  that this position gives her , she can control the speed, the angle and the amount by which she moves  her pelvis in circles and from side to side in Lunge position the man is laid back  Woman kneels between Man’s legs and leans forward stepping forward aside his body. Woman  has much more control over depth and angle of penetration its a must have for good G-Spot stimulation .

This Position is a MUST

The Lunge Position

The Lunge Position

I trust you 100. Quite strong and intuitive insight on the topic.

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