Some Bunny Loves You “Happy Easter “

March 25, 2016 0




As if getting into the holiday spirit wasn’t draining enough Easter Comes Along but this isn’t so bad because it’s a time of reflection and to truly seek what really matters inside with in you I try to keep my belief as much as possible but lately not going to lie God is definitely testing me I almost feel like it’s some kind of punishment but I’m still here and keeping the faith alive perhaps I am not able to talk about what misfortunes are happening in my life but indeed they are emotionally very draining , and when that happens folks keep your faith much more present than before , I know Christ suffered a lot for us and sacrificed everything for us and really think about it is what’s going kinda a bit similar ?? are you being tested ?? are you sacrificing something ? 

I hope you all enjoy your Easter Sunday spent with close family and friends and booze JK ok maybe have some wine, as I sit here and just get sad at how things are going really south for me I reflect on the cool things that have happend to me I got to work on set for a well known TV network and been onset for other extra work that I can’t spill the beans just yet , also been going to a lot of auditions can’t complain there , also I am spending so much time with my little one I am enjoying it so much .

Remember our father Jesus Christ is working on you and don’t you give up you have made it this far to turn back now .

Calipso xo.



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