The Good Ones go if you wait too Long”

October 1, 2014 0

I am sure you know someone that knows someone  that got away  or maybe your the one that got away? or perhaps you let them get away either or thats a dam pity  and you are most likely going to beat yourself in the ass one waking day for the rest of your life cause probably the relationship  statues that you are in right now is nothing compared to the one you let  “Get Away”  I know of someone that at the time he was dating someone but didn’t really give it a title cause well they we both “unsure” and although that was ok cause dating someone is trying to get to know them well this relationship  was back and forth for a period of at least two yrs and it wasn’t until she finally grew some balls and asked him what’s up with them and that’s when that sent him running ok well he didn’t really run but he got scared that the relationship grew stronger and he didn’t really want a relationship at the time oh but he didn’t mind everything else that came along with it , she on the other hand had invested a lot  of feelings and feared that a heart break was in works , she was right he told her that he just wasn’t ready and blew her off didn’t  really care about her feelings or her well being , I did suggest  to him that perhaps maybe talk to her again and check up on her and I truly  believed that there was no way he had a heart of stone , I really did try to help him but  men they are hard headed . 

I did  also tell him that whats going to happen is that he will get into another relationship and realize that the one that he had before was the one , because as time passed the new gal friend wasn’t even half the woman the other one was The one that he let go !!! he was very unhappy with her and they argued a lot  and just bumped heads a lot  VS the other one she was very understanding  , supportive , independent , and he always in a good mood he just seemed so much happier to me , no I think about this often does he regret  letting the good one go?  I did tell him one time go find her and when you do , don’t let her go But But The Good Ones go , if you wait too long….. He did reconnect  with her but it wasn’t the same too much time had passed and she had other things on her mind she got over it and sadly thats what happens a lot of the time you men wait too long and then you get upset cause things don’t go your way my advice is don’t  wait too long and yes you men have to kiss a lot of frogs to but if you feel it in your heart that she may be the one and everything points in the right direction what are you waiting for Go For it!!

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