The Last Day’s Of Summer

September 3, 2014 1

photo-10photo-11I told myself  that this was going to be the summer for me to relax and take the kids out more and probably go on a mini vacay adventure but that really wasn’t the case instead I worked my ass off and I literally had no days off  , how and when did  this happen ??? my 7 year old son did not forgive me for this but I did try to make the best of it with the little bit that I had and from this day forward I told myself don’t make any promises you can’t keep Calipso who knew that that was going to work my ass off a lot and for what it’s worth it’s not like I got any richer either I  really had no choice but to take all the hrs I could get, kids going back to school was going to hit me hard it’s every single parent’s worst nightmare to not have enough funds for that .

Well it was finally my day off and I told the kids we are going to the beach so pack a lunch and let’s go my little one was more than thrilled I on the other hand was so relieved that I had a full tank of gas ready to go , I had been dealing with so much stress these past few months that I needed to live a little even if it was just for one day when I layed on the beach I blocked out all the worries in the world that I had I mean I wasn’t going to let anything ruin My Last Day’s Of Summer I think my phone was blowing that day as long as it wasn’t work I was good . We went to this nice semi private beach in Dana Point I used to run out there a lot and had always  wanted to bring them here , it really was one of the best days of my life the sandy beach did it for me and the water was as beautiful as the Blue Lagoon and the water is not normally like that either was it perhaps cause I was there ?? hmmmmm interesting I really did feel like I was  in Cabo San Lucas for a couple hrs I did nothing but gaze at the ocean  for long periods off time and watching  my son play so happily in the shore catching every single wave my daughter was  very relaxed and played with her brother the whole time , that simple moment  made me forget about everything and made me so thankful for what I had accomplished  in life and that I shouldn’t  feel too bad for having such a workload of a summer I did what I had to do to provide for me and my kids and it made me realize that it’s ok that I didn’t take my kids to latest amusement parks  nor take that mini vacation with the girls but it’s definitely  on my mind for next summer I spent the Last Day’s of Summer as I should with my kids and I had so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again sitting in the beach for a couple of hrs had me re-playing the past 10 yrs of my life and let me just say that I have come a Long way Baby perhaps I may have not found the man of my dreams yet not be in the highlight of my career where it should be but that’s ok , and I am still tripping on that pretty  Blue water that I saw that day gotta thank the man upstairs for that

🙂 as i read along i feel like we are so alike, sometimes we feel that we try so hard to do what we thing will take everything to the next level, love career ect.

I love that feeling when the small simple things can put a smile on my kids face and that makes me feel so accomplish even if others parts of my life still feel a total mess!

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