The Part I was playing for was Really me in Real Life

April 9, 2015 1

I am always so happy everytime my agent sends me to auditions for roles that I love especially if the actor is Trying to show a range , as an actor I don’t just want to play girl next door or a mother of two in a dishwashing commercial I mean those are nice don’t get me wrong but it’s not what I want cause I can do more , I had an early morning audition at about 9am for a role of an immigrant a young woman who was expecting but trying to cross over to the states in hopes of a better future for her and her unborn child , I read the script and I was in love I was like I can so do this right now and kick ass I love me a challenge big time there was some very intense scenes that went up and down as far as range but I was determind that I could pull it off , oh was I in for a treat not knowing this was going to take me back to a moment that cloulda , woulda but it didn’t  ….  now this was for an independent film and the writer and director was from China and he was to review all the audition videos , the casting director gave me a lot of freedom to do it in many ways the first take was scenes right from the scripts kinda boring I felt I was in like a Box and she noticed so we started talking off the subject and I did mention to her that I have crossed over to the states about 3 times and all were life risking she wanted me to give her more depth of my last experience …. I crossed over to the border from Tijuana to San Diego in the trunk of a Car along with my mother and 3 other females the casting director said ok then pretned you are reliving that experience and your getting out of the trunk of the car the person crossing you over points a gun at you wanting to Kill you GO what do you do ??? to make the long story short I went back to that moment and begged and pleaded cried for my life , It got very emotional that I had the casting director fall off the edge of her seat she yelled CUT ok that’s good thank you , Are you ok ??? I said yes I was I’m sorry this felt so surreal to me I hope that I delivered what you wanted , her mouth dropped to the floor and amazed and I think she felt that moment too , I said thank you and hope to hear from them soon …

When I left that room I was so sure that I nailed the part and that I was going to get a 2nd Call back audition , I had the best day ever a very much needed reality check of  life in general so to speak we all need those often to realize that we are blessed with what we have and to always be thankful and indeed I was well a week went by and two weeks went by and nothing , no call back or an email for that matter , I never really did understand why I wasn’t right for the part , I wanted to nail a role that I was right for and to be able to re-act the scenes that did play in my life many yrs ago , I lost hope and said ok Calipso perhaps I was not what they were looking for maybe I don’t fit the description of a Piasa Mexican with little to no accent , was I not dark enough or big enough perhaps maybe on screen it wasn’t going to believable …many weeks I let this get to me and It came down to the fact that I did do a great audition and that’s what matters the most I gave it my 110%  and no less than that , I am one to leave things in Gods hands it’s ok maybe next time I got a lot out of that audition the experience will always be with me not sure if the film got filmed or didn’t film it’s always on to the Next , oh the life of a struggling actress waiting for her big break someday ….


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