The Single Mom Diary’s why you should Date a single mom

March 16, 2014 4

Scariest person in the world is a single MOM  That BITCH is “FEARLESS” !!!

of Course I have to root for all my single Mommies in the world because I am One of them and  for some reason in my dating experience I have had the problem of  me coming with a package be a problem or that must be the easy way for the guy to break it off with me because Oh you have your kids and I really don’t want to get in the middle of that or get involved what a lame excuse if you ask me I mean I get it being with  a single mom with alot of responsibilities is alot to handle but let me just add that we are not some walking disease we just have little people to take care off that’s all and our priority’s are much more different  than the average person like for example we can’t just go out in the very last minute unless the kids are with their dads that weekend coming from experience I don’t get to get out a whole lot  cause well who is gonna babysit so that’s why I just end up staying home Moms I know you can relate , I was really into this one guy he was perfect  Nice , Handsome , great career with great goals and I had mentioned him to my parents they loved him especially my Dad I mean they hit it off and they still ask about him too but well it didn’t go very well his mind was set on someone else and although I do think it was a shame because I really felt it in my heart that we were perfect but the Fact that I come with the package just did not flow with him , I really did think perhaps he didn’t see the brighter side of things like getting to know my kids for example and truly see how wonderful they are and let me just add that even writing this brings me to tears because I really truly cared about him and still do to this day he did tell me something that I will never forget “Your going to find someone that will accept you and your kids” although I wanted to slap him and tell him off at the same time but how could I ?? he was just being honest something that most men Lack off  He really was my Blessing and my Curse and thank him for so many things and I will never understand why he never gave it a chance we had nothing to loose  but just the friendship and that was a risk that I was willing to take No Matter what and every guy friend that I have close to me I give them the out most best advice coming from the heart that dating a single mom is not the end of the world …. here are some reasons why you should date a single mom

5) SHE’S INCREDIBLY PATIENT- But doesn’t have allot of tolerence for bad behavior , so she’ll be good for you

4) SHE DOESN’T PLAY GAMES – She doesn’t have the time for it to just fool around and have a friend with benefits , she is one to take her relationship seriously

3) SHE WILL ONLY KEEP YOU AROUND IF THE RELATIONSHIP IS GOOD – So for the sake of her and her kids you wont have to wonder if she is really into you

2) SINGLE MOMS ARE SO EASY TO PAMPER- They don’t get breaks very often (Hint Hint)

1)  SINGLE MOMS ARE BOTH PRACTICAL AND FUN – Basically there is no room for that Diva Behavior

So why not date a single mom with kids no offense to you men but that just really makes you a coward and lazy the single mom will treat you like a KING and and cater to you because that’s how she treats her kids your the one that’s missing out Trust me ….

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September 22, 2014 at 8:00 pm nike tv show Reply

I totally agree with everything you wrote, but as a single father of three girls I would never get involved or date anyone without children. Priorities and lifestyle will always be different… I always thought how can I expect someone to accept and love my kids if they have never had their own? And in my case which I know is not to often my girl’s have no mother figure in their lives, someone without kids would probably not be the best example for them to look at…

October 30, 2014 at 9:42 am Cesar Reply

Muy Buena para mi Una Mujer con hijos esta bien Pero mi suerte son Celosas las que e tenido sorry un dia tendre una Mini Familia

October 31, 2014 at 5:14 am sokie Reply

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November 3, 2014 at 8:18 pm atlanta dan uggla Reply

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