The Top 5 things that you should “Never ” Say to her.

March 13, 2014 1

Men you must pay attention because this don’t happen too often, ever say something to her that you didn’t mean to? well your lucky she’s still even still talking to you if have said the following , perhaps you don’t mean to be hurtful but do be careful with comes out of your mouth here are the Top 5 that you should not say to her .

5) MAN YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE YOUR MOM”  unless your mom is a Victoria Secret Model or Julia Roberts that would prob be ok but are you kidding me ?? Nobody wants to be compared  like their mother .

4) ‘I WOULD HAVE INVITED YOU, BUT YOUR NO FUN.  Thank goodness I’m always fun but ladies if he says that then somethings wrong that it has him excluding you from all the fun activities , perhaps your a bit shy around people at a party or a Bar etc but there is reason why he fell for you In the first place perhaps he likes that bubbly personality that you are when you are with him .

3) YOU DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PAIR OF SHOES!!! Of course we need another pair of black pumps so what if we have 30 pairs in the trunk of the car this new pair has a cute strap on them .

2) ARE YOU SURE THAT DRESS SHRUNK? wait what?? are you saying that I got Fat ? FYI we are constantly checking if those size 5  Jeans always fit cause we have to wear them at least once a week  , there is a nicer way of saying that we put on extra weight

1) “THAT’S NOT THE WAY MY EX DID IT’ …… if you are single after you have said this well that’s because you asked for it , perhaps you were not thinking or maybe you got possessed by the “Dumb Gods’ I can’t think of anything else men to defend you here but your going to really have to make up for this one whether your Ex was great in Bed or Americas Next Top Chef you keep that to your selves men there are things that you never say for the sake of the relationship we will always think that the Ex was alot better than us but who is he with Now? that’s right Ladies you got that something that no other woman will ever have ,  and men you better check yourselves before she kicks you to the curb

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You’ve an uncanny means of expressing your words which I find very interesting.

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