The Top 7 Lies that Men Say

March 23, 2014 1

Ladies now don’t you just wish that every single time your man told  a lie his nose would grow just like Pinocchio ? I used to be married to the biggest liar but I also learned how to catch his lies and by the end of our marriage I was an expert yes of course the marriage ended why?? Because all he did was lie , I feel really sorry for his victim now cause he lies to me about her saying that she’s just a friend yeah ok a friend that just “Lives” with you with those kinda people you just have to let it be .

I didn’t want this helpful Blog to trash on men ok maybe just to let them know that we know when they are telling a lie or 7 of them .

7) YOUR FRIENDS ARE COOL I LIKE THEM- meaning two things he can’t stand one of them or all of them he will slowly tell you that they are a bad influence and to stop hanging out with them or he really likes your friends cause having eye candy all day around him can be so much fun for him that is.

6) I’LL DO IT RIGHT NOW – unless it has to do with sex of course he will do it right now , but what he really means is he will help you with what ever you need as soon as he’s done playing his video games.

5) I COULD’NT CALL YOU BECAUSE …. I was really too busy having fun with out you and talking to you would be a buzz kill

4) I’M NOT JEALOUS- some men, ok well almost 95% of men don’t like to admit their feelings and especially when they are jealous but they are so cute when they do .

3) YOU LOOK GOOD- meaning you just look ok because what he should be saying is Dayyyyuuuuuummmm Gina you look Dam GOOD!

2) I’M ON MY WAY- he hasn’t even left girl .

1) YOU ARE THE BEST IV’E EVER HAD- for right now, he tells that lie to every girl he’s slept with .

Whether it’s a small lie or a big lie a Lie is a Lie and keeping it from someone you care about can be very hurtful and bring consequences down the road Honesty is the best policy and on that note Men?? every time we ask you if that dress makes us look fat you better lie and say No way you look great!


Every time you tell a lie your nose will grow

Every time you tell a lie your nose will grow

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