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If you are having problems or some difficulties in the dating world with someone who is a Single Parent Say I !!!! LOL Why didn’t I share these Tips with you all yrs ago ??? ok not sure but anyhow it just dawned to me because I as a single parent do find it a bit challenging even on my own and so do my fellow single parents male and female and let’s be honest it’s really not a good Idea to bring in the person you are dating to meet meet your mini me just yet especially if you are dating several ppl on occasion  , I don’t Judge to each their Own  but wouldn’t it be nice if things can be easier for ya ???

1) Do Not Rush things with the single parent 

Especially for the females because they are the most pickiest of the breed and as far as I am concerned the females are more interested in being with someone who wants to be serious with her she is probably NOT looking for Netflix and Chill if you know what I mean , for the Male they have these things called WALLS and mostly all of them have them they are such a rare kind I tell you #ROLLSEYES

2) If you are going to invite them somewhere last minute chances are that ……..

They won’t be able to make it why ???? Because she or he needs to find a sitter to watch the kids duhhhh this is like a major Don’t do always try to plan things ahead preferably at least a week in advance , I can’t stress this enough anytime I go out or I get asked out like they swear I can just leave my kid with anyone and No not just anyone watches my kid , please please and don’t just leave your kid with anyone  either that really makes you look bad unless the child is old enough to watch themselves then ok but parents be responsible first ..

3) If you are going to meet the kids for the first Time ….

You better believe that you need to make sure those kids approve of you first because 95% of the time those kids will speak their minds and will be very influential on your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend and for the male if he has a daughter expect that the only queen of the castle will be her and you stand no chance if she is daddy’s little girl prepare yourself because this will be a mission , and for the men if your girlfriend has a son prepare for war because most likely this little boy will not let any other male species get in the way of him and his mother watch out if he is the jealous one you handle that with caution slowly perhaps talk with him he needs to trust you and maybe he will let you hold his mom’s hand “ May The Force be with You”

4) She or he might compare you as baby daddy or baby momma Drama

Do not take any offense with this , if your girl had a deadbeat of an Ex chances are she thinks all men are all the same you as men need to step it up and show her with actions that you are no where near a careless human but someone that is willing to change her mind and heart on that , if you are dating a single dad chances are he thinks you just want him for his bank account and leave him dry because thats what his baby momma did to him LMAO , Ladies I know this is funny but its so true men think about this kinda stuff if your a materialistic female and expect for him to wine and dine you well news flash you are so wrong because all his money is going to all his kids they come first so maybe re-evaluate the man and really think about but ladies we are Independent we can take a man out now a days Get it gurrrl .

5)When Visiting or coming over make sure you …

Not come over empty handed bring a small gesture for the bratty kid you gotta win them one way or another , but don’t go spoiling the child left and right cause he or she will be calling Daddy or Mommy unless those were your intentions .

6) Do Not I Reapeat DO NOT try to discipline his or her child 

You need to leave that up to them unless they asked you for advice but this is a very bad danger zone area that you do not want to get involved this can ruin your relationship with him or her .

7) Plan an outing with everyone and by that I do mean his or her kids

Chances are you want to win him or her so why not include the kids they will see how serious you are about them and maybe perhaps look into a future with you if that’s where you intend to go .

8) If they don’t text you back chill the F&^$K out .

Chances are he or she is too busy with mommy or daddy duties don’t start creating scenarios in your head and then question him or her cause you are going to push him or her away by doing that again like I said in Number #1 be patient you are only going to stress them out even more and that can lead to a break up or an I need a Break .

I know a couple ppl that are frustrated with this dating scene me being one of them I had a guy ok well a couple guys tell me that my baggage was just something that they didn’t want to deal with can you imagine the heart break I went through when they told me that ?? I couldn’t really understand it cause it wasn’t like I was this walking disease cause I have kids , I had mini me’s and they are amazing and screw them if they didn’t see it my way but it was a big eye opener that I realized there are mean people out there still that are selfish and think this way and I am glad I learned from that because those fools are the ones missing out on the biggest part of me my little breeds and that’s what makes me “ME” and yes it would be amazing to find someone that will love me and my kids and it’s very rare too but I really salute all you single parents that taking in other peoples kids that are not your very own to love and nurture them as such and it really takes a Man to accept someone else kids there is nothing more sexier than that trust me ….

Thank you for reading please share these tips with someone you feel needs some advice , I really feel sorry for my future husband that will have to deal with my little Travieso LMAO ok just kidding he’s not that bad *SideLook*

Calipso XoXo

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