Vanessa got stood up

March 23, 2014 1

That Girl is so lucky and she can have any guy she wants she’s confident, ambitious, beautiful , sexy and has a lot going for herself even that girl can be the most insecure woman in the world it isn’t until that one man that has been giving her the run around that can make her feel so low he finally ask her to hang out one night and it looks very promising she’s been trying for months to get him to notice her lets call her Vanessa the girl  ok so  he’s no Justin Timberlake but there was just something about him that she liked and every time she thought about him stomach had so many dam butterflies so many things ran across her mind like what was she going to wear for that matter cause well hanging out means don’t wear a dress and heels this calls for tight skinny jeans and cute boots !

The night got closer and there is no more room for butterflies Vanessa is getting all Dolled up still not knowing what to wear which jeans the ones with ripped holes in them or the ones that looked more distressed oh who cares jeans are jeans and as long as the butt look good that’s all that matters , so 6 pm rolls around and Jake hasn’t Called Vanessa to confirm the date and she’s wondering if she should call him or text him but she doesn’t want to bug him and seem too needy 7 pm still nothing 8 pm nothing 8:30 she gives up and shoots him a text 9 pm no answer and she’s starting to worry she gets a text  at about 10:30 not a call but a text saying “Hey so sorry I just woke up I must have been so tired when I got off work ”  we’ll hang out some other time ”  Vanessa had to take a moment of silence to let this sink in he did not just text me that !!! lost for words upset , angry , pissed and sad and all Vanessa could do is just cry and return the text with the following …. ” You are so messed up you could have text me to confirm or let me know you were tired to go out please don’t talk to me ever again Good Night”  so Jake reply’s with an I’m sorry but I really did fall asleep what ever good night” .

At the end of the Day Vanessa got stood up that night she looked great  everything was right from head to toe  but nobody got to see her that night not even Jake yes she did cry herself to sleep because she was let down by Jake one too many times after that he pulled another and another he stood her up at least a handful of times and it wasn’t till she finally got fed up with him and Investing her time on him was no longer a factor she learned a lot from him that her time was just too valuable to even waste her energy on him he knows she’s the one that got away .

Vanessa had to be strong and let this go and let it be

“Don’t choose someone if they have to think twice about choosing you” ~Calipso~photo (16) photo (14)

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