We All Have that one thing that No One Can Take away from us

March 27, 2014 0

As Soon as I can remember I have been such a Dreamer and countless nights just gazing at the stars at night and just thinking what my life would be in the near future and who would I end up spending the rest of my life with I think we all do that , as a young child I was always motivated to be Something in the Entertainment Industry so as a Young one I tackled acting , modeling and it really did help a lot see the bigger picture and all the hard work that is put into it not just glamour and fun , I really was more inspired as each day passed . Ever just run into someone that says to you that what you wan’t to become is Impossible ?? and that it will never happen ? we as human being we tend to believe it and get side tracked and slowly drift away from our goals and dreams I say this all the time “If your Dreams don’t scare you , ¬†then they are not big enough” ¬†every thought of it scares me and I have made some of my goals a reality the outcome is amazing because you are in control and capable of reaching your goals and your dreams don’t let anyone tell you NO , you are in charge of your own destiny and what’t to come make it a great journey one that someone will love to hear about it .

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