What Really is the secret to a Happy Marriage

January 27, 2014 1

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So the tittle of this Blog got you to Read this right?? well it got you this far so why don’t you just stick around and the whole thing , Being married for almost 15 yrs taught me a thing or two about keeping a man happy and yes I got Divorced but this marriage was doomed for hell a long time before it even started , I cant stress enough with this word >>> Communication is the Key you all know that and so is Trust and yes the Sex in the marriage plays a major factor I mean that’s why you married them in the first place because the sex was great and amazing but when you get marriedĀ  you get less of it yes its true but it doesn’t have to be this way marriage takes a lot of work from the both of you and it needs to be 50/50 give and take if you don’t see eye to eye your never going to be happy ladies and gents you need to always role play !! ladies you need to be his Mistress , friend , wife , mom, LoverĀ and Girlfriend all at once and men you be her Friend, Night and shining Armor , Hero , Best friend and Lover I know that’s a lot of shoes to fill but you can do it, do you remember those Butterflies that you had when you first saw him or her and couldn’t wait for them to appear all over again ?? that needs to exist always in a marriage and take the time to do it because you will be sorry when you realize what you have “” is what you’ve Had” and this always happens , Men are a lot slower at figuring things out than woman cause us females we are on it and we get frustrated when they just don’t get it , men we cry out for help always and we just want you to always be there for us and this may seem mushy we just want you to tell us that everything is going to be ok and if you care that much about her , you will go that extra mile for her because seeing is believing and actions speak louder than words and for those ladies that are “too comfortable” and don’t want to bother with pleasing your man with his sexual needs well reality check he is going to find someone that WILL” so get to it


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