When they Judge your Parenting

May 3, 2015 1

Before you Judge someone else parenting why not make sure your Kids are Perfect .

Parenting didn’t come with instructions and if you ask me these self help books only complicate things more your never going to be ready  to be Parents and both my kids were a surprise the first one I was too young and my 2nd one I was in denial I thought I had a stomach flu for at least a month I was so shocked but god has great timing both my kids were a blessing to have .

It’s really hard to raise your kids when someone else watches and judges your every prenatal move from how you dress them to what you feed them for that matter why is it that my son decides to erupt into a temper tantrum at the worst possible time every time we are out somewhere and from the corner of my eye I can just feel it someone is talking about me “Oh my Gauudd look at that mother trying to control her child , I don’t think she knows what she’s doing” that kid is out of control  . This has happend to me one too many times , because I was a young mother I did have a lot of people tell me how to raise my daughter and I got tired of it I was like here you want her then ??? no just kidding they made me felt like I was making mistake after mistake after mistake , I am not putting anyone on Blast nor going to reveal who it is but it was more than plenty , when this happens you need to voice your opinion and stick with your guns and say ” I am the Parent , I know what’s best for my Child 


Being a Parent changes everything and if your priorities haven’t changed yet then your kids are doomed LoL no really be scared , be really scared and if you were a bad child chances are your going to pay that Karma with your own Kids , At least that’s what my Ex- mother in-law used to say Bless her heart her sons came out to be something else , My daughter was not really any trouble at all it’s my son that worries me more , I kid you not the idea of military school crossed my mind for a split second , recently I was hit with a bombshell that his teacher was very concerned with his academic behavior that he might have possibly ADHD …



I cried in front of all three teachers not because they told me that he shows signs of ADHD but I cried because they recommended me to place him on medication once he gets evaluated , I myself can’t really think that far yet nor do I want to go there I felt like dammm these Gringas just don’t want to deal with my son I was disappointed and I wanted to take my son away from that school , as of right now I did tell his doctor about the concerns and he didn’t seem to be all worried about it I am not pushing for this I told myself I was going to take my time and that night when I came home from work I held my son longer and told him that I loved him about 100 more times than normal and I promised him that I wasn’t going to let anyone make him feel any less than he is , he sits in the corner by himself at school nobody is sits next to him because he gets very easily distracted and that way the teacher can keep her eyes on him , I know my son is a handful but that’s my son, that’s  my little part of me That I created and I wouldn’t  change a dam thing ok maybe his temper but he got that from me :/  that day I felt judged they wrote on a piece of paper “Is a single mother ” so was that my excuse ?? seigh I have a lot of work to do I know I do but this doesn’t change anything cause I am the parent and I know what is best for him !! 

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You are not the only 1 … my 12 &15 yr old have bigger tantrums then my 7 yr old

May 6, 2015 at 9:41 am jennifer alvarez Reply

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