When They Meet for the First Time …

September 14, 2015 0

I f you are a parent with child and you finally meet someone that is potential  to establish a long term relationship  introducing your kids to him or her for the first time can be a bit nerve wrecking if you know what I mean , I knew some moms that had changed boyfriends more often than you change underwear no really this mom had 3 kids and was just so adventurous and had a new Bae every week and every so often she would bring the men over for dinner to or to go out on a Sunday Funday  and the kids really took effect on some of the Boyfriends and became attached to them real quick she had a steady one for a while and they broke up and sure enough by the end of two weeks she had a new guy over before we start talking smack about this mom lets just look at the bigger picture when is a good time to meet the kids for the first time ???? I think that once you feel that the relationship  is going somewhere and also this person is great around kids is very important  you need to ask a lot  of questions like do you have nieces or nephews? god children ? Do you like Kids ????? I am not trying to scare you but your kids don’t want evil step-parent’s trust me the worse thing that can happen is when your kids can seem to make any connection with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend and In my opinion  they need to step up to the plate and and try to win your kids for reals first and for most  the meeting does not need to take place right away and if it does just make sure you have done your homework on what the kid likes or doesn’t like example if its a Girl have a doll ready or a stuffed animal if it’s a boy easy Cars or action figures depending on the ages but again do your research , and parents its always important to inform your kids of this person that you are seeing and ask him or her how they would feel if soon you all can have lunch or dinner If your child is a jealous one ok your screwed sorry good luck it’s going to take more work and sometimes your kids can and will jeopardize  your relationship it happens a lot I say give the relationship a good 6months -8 months to see if its even worth them meeting and after that try to include your kids with your outings  at least twice a month remember you are the one in the relationship  you should still be getting to know each other and finding out more things about each other if there is no connection you both need to be patient this will take time and things don’t end  up like an episode of the Brady Bunch we live in a different era , also you both should refrain from any physical contact maybe just hand holding or a brief hug will do for now until everyone is comfortable with each other and the jealousy isn’t too severe remember there is a bratty daddy’s little girl and an annoying  mama’s boys that will not allow nobody come between , May the force be with you and wishing you nothing but Good luck as a parent we need to find a partner that will uplift you and will set a good example to your kids as well because if this person is around you, you will need a someone good that treats his or her mom and dad right first and for most  


Calipso Xo

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