Your Time will Come

March 19, 2015 0

“Every Single Thing That Has  Ever Happened in Your Life Is Preparing You For A Moment That Has Yet To Come”

And I say this with so Much Pride and I tell this to every Dreamer that has ever approached me about difficult times in their lives , I was even discussing this with my 19 year old that flipped a 180″ school move on me it hit me in the face literally she wanted to study Archaeology  for the longest time and actually took the class and well HATED IT she finally realized it so instead shes’s going to persue communications and that makes me a Happy Mom there goes $160.00 down the drain for a book she can never use *Rolls Eyes*  but do you get me she had to go through this to realized that life is preparing her for her moment that has yet to come !!! when I first started my career in Radio it started with a thought then to an Idea on how to make it happen then from there my Idea became my Reality and it took me yrs to convinced myself to stay I was always with one foot in and One foot out but if I had given up I would never have forgiven myself to at least keep trying when I got my first opportunity to go on-air was about 3 yrs I was very well aware that the spark that ingnited in me was to burst more burning flames down the road and I liked it , a lot of things happened that put out my fire unfair things but I accepted cause well that’s life but I was very thankful for each rock that was thrown at me for every mean person that did me wrong I learned to not ever be like that person , for every great person that came along I made sure to let them know how amazing they are and thanked them always and kept them close to me , for every mean girl situation that has done to me I made sure I always welcomed the newbie with respect and teach them the ropes I wish someone would have done that for me cause that surely makes a diffirence .


In the field that I’m in has prepared me so much to what I have worked so hard for and for That Moment That has yet to Come, I know more dissapointments are coming my way but at least now how to handle them gracefully and with a grain of salt and that bad things is not going to last forever why because after every storm there is a beautiful Rainbow that follows right after it 


Hold your Vision , Trust The Process.

I would make up every morning telling myself  I will be on-air some day that one day did happen , also I said to myself  I will work  on my goals today try this and you will be surprised how things gravitate in your favor ….

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to be amazing Today Xoxo

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