A Man will never be 100% Satisfied Is that True?

October 7, 2014 0

Wiz cheated on Amber Rose ?? say what ?? like who does that I mean she is everything a man could ever want I mean the public display  for one thing like kids get a room already I think perhaps Amber’s sex drive was just as equivalent as Wiz or who knows but I do think she must have gone to Infinity and beyond to please her husband , I think one of the biggest mistake’s that a woman makes a lot is that we give them too much trust that it makes us look really Stupid , If I had a dollar for every time a married man in Facebook would try to make advances at me well on a private message that is shame on them I only think about the wives and how naive they are Look a man will alway’s try to test you a married  one that is they get bored at home tired of the same routine and when these men eye ball something new they prey and if she’s easy they will Hunt men flirt A lot  and it’s normal but some take it way too far men cheat because they for one think that that they can get away with it so it’s easy for them they will have the complete package at home she cooks , cleans , takes care of the kids , will please him in every sexual way but sometimes when you have it all you just want a bit more and become very greedy , Amber said that Wiz cheated on her and that’s why the marriage is over but he claims that they were already separated and he wasn’t living at home anymore look only they know what really went down but now they  have a little to worry about , if she is an angry bitter woman she will not let Wiz see his son just to hurt him where it will really hurt  I don’t  understand why some woman do this , sometimes we try so hard to keep our man happy that we loose sight of ourselves we loose ourselves and we become someone that we are not perhaps more bitter the way I see it some men will never be 100% satisfied  , Amber Rose did the right thing to leave him but she loves him way too much and this fell back on her a 100 times worse I am sure she will be the person she used to be cause now she’s a mother and her way of thinking should be different  I admire her so much as a woman ok set aside the sex porn stuff etc she’s only human and she hurts just like the rest of us , when I found out my Ex-husband was having an affair  it hurt me a lot  and happy to say that I have been able to put that behind me and I really don’t wish this pain not even on my worse enemy it will change your life completely  Wiz-Khalifa-Amber-Rose1-2

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