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Ain’t that the dam truth !! As I look back at all the people I helped I think Maybe just one or two ok maybe three still actually appreciate the things I have done for them , this blog isn’t about rubbing things in peoples face it’s more about really sit back and think of a certain person who really helped you out so much wether if it was to be a better human , or to thrive in a career , maybe a love partner that really truly was there for you in bad times , I am the type of person that has put others first before myself and I am sure everyone who knows me will agree to that and all it took was one one to treat others how they treated me and all of the sudden I was an unfair or bad person isn’t it ironic how the world turns so wait a minute what you to say is that I was suppose to keep still doing things for you and still get walked on?? in my line of work people only do it out of interest and what benefits them and same goes for friendship and relationship , sometimes I would get frustrated cause you would hand them your hand and they would want your whole arm , body etc you get my point .

The day I stopped doing things for others was the day I said to myself why am I even going 100 with this person they wouldn’t even feel the same for me or lift a finger for that matter and well if I don’t matter then it won’t matter if I stop dong things for them and funny story was one person threatened me some good payback is a bitch and the only thing I could think of was wow I did nothing but help this person and try to help them with their  career and this is how they pay me back on that note this person never paid me back money they owed me actually I never really expected the money back from them cause well I knew their character and I probably wasn’t the only person they did it to .




My ex-husband left me with so much debt in our marriage and not once did he try to help me financially instead he ran his mouth that I was a only trying to screw him over with child support but really it was so sad that I had to get the law involved in order for him to help me financially with our two kids cause he never was the person to say hey what does our kids need ? not even till this day I been managing on my own and cleared by debt little by little all on my own !! If you don’t show appreciation to those that deserve it they’ll learn to stop doing the things you appreciate, my mother always taught me to say please and thank you it goes a very long way I am very grateful that I truly appreciate even the full tank of gas in my car for that matter let alone someone that goes out of their way to get me a cup of coffee , for the past two yrs I was heavily disappointed  with people in general and some really close friends and relationship who I thought had my back I was wrong I was so wrong some of these people only intention was to use me for their benefit and what I can do for them I am not going lie especially in my network circle I have helped others get to where they wanted to just because connected them to the right people and sadly to say I no longer do business with them they never appreciated me at all some even hated on me and the best I can do is just keep my distance from them !!


When in a loving relationship we except more appreciation than anything or at least get treated the same in return and when we don’t we go look for it in other people that do now days loyalty is very rare and it’s funny how some people say it religiously but don’t really do it story of my life no matter how many times people do me wrong I will always be respectful cause at one point I was probably happy and yes maybe they ended up being jerks but I know karma is a bigger bitch and one with a fowl mouth actually is crying out for help  people that don’t appreciate you and what you don for them never will and the next person that comes to their life there is just something bigger and deeper and you haven to leave it in the hands of god , We need to pay attention more to what’s in front of us and really thanks those that have even lifted a finger for us yes I mean a finger cause now days nobody does that for us anymore unless they are getting something in return , do things for others and not expect anything but do it out of the kindness of your heart because you want to not because you need to post that pic on IG to get the likes or the followers we live in a crazy  world and a little goes a long way and appreciate good people cause they are hard to come by they a very rare yes they are !! do something today that will make someone smile or happy but do it , I love hard and those that matter know it so be a good human and if by any chance you feel like maybe you need to reach out to someone for something nice that they did for you and you never thanked them it’s never too late to say Thank you , thank you for all that you do .


XOXO Calipso

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