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Some people love fully , wear their heart on thier sleeve , are obsessive or love just a little too much which one are you? We all love different and we have our ways of loving someone but perhaps they don’t  see it the way you do . You know those ones that are scared to love are the ones that need it the most ? also those ones that have so much evil and resentment in their hearts , they need it the most . 

We all  want something that we may probably never have the perfect love !! When I say Be Amazed At The Way Someone Loves You I mean really be amazed because maybe that person is trying really hard to show you how much they trully care and if you even as much as complain about it good luck trying to get them to break down their walls . It’t the saddest thing to see when one person is really trying for the both of them , you know that’s not enough right ?  Someone told me that being in a relationship is like a Plant or a Garden he said to me you have to water your plant so it can grow and blossom , well that’s the same thing with a relationship .

For a relationship to stay alive  it needs constant care and attention , if you make mistakes you fix them right away , if you notice that it’s growing weak you need to give it the support it needs , cause if you don’t it will eventually die …. It takes a lot  of work and being lazy isn’t going to cut it so many relationships fall down due to the lack of work and by not being consistant , If there is one thing I learned is that to be happy you keep these things private , Your Love life , Your Relationship off social media and your next move . I didn’t really understand it till I realized how much it can affect the relationship especially if there is a nosy person being all up in your relationship that was no walk in the park but I learned from that experience and I took it for what it was and rolled with it .

Be amazed at how this person looks at you when they see , Be amazed and how they love you even if they can’t give you much you know now days just being able to spend time with someone is just as important . Dating right now is so out of whack I blame social media for everything that has gone wrong and I write this with a heavy heart , I only speak out of experience .

Be amazed at the little things and gestures that someone does for you , even if its just a simple text of I miss you and I have been thinking about you …I have said this before when you have a good woman or a good man don’t mess it up chances are you will never find another quite like them nobody wants to end up at the age of 45 alone and saying what if ? what if I would have let my pride or ego aside I could have been happy .

Right now is the time to let go of all the nonsense because we really don’t know how much more time we have left in this awful world , I have always made it my priority that I give my relationship my all my 200% to be exact I never want to leave this earth not knowing the “What If” or it could have been God know I’m such a lover not a fighter it’s a stupid curse and I hate it , but I will tell you this everyone LOVES different in their own special way and we must not question it , if you do not like the way they love you well you simply walk away but really think about it maybe sleep on it never base your decision out of anger or hate in the heat of the moment we do things we may regret later . Mr Right and Mrs Perfect does not exist you probably think you see it on social media but trust me it doesn’t exist.

If you choose to continue to work hard at nurturing the relationship and giving it the proper care and attention it needs, it will continue to blossom and grow and it will blossom into something beautiful and lasting. Eventually the seed of your relationship will grow into a beautiful garden or a tall standing tree, and the longer it takes for it to happen, the more you’ll appreciate it when it finally does, because you worked so hard to make it beautiful and strong and anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for  , if you ask me it’s definitely worth waiting for there’s always room for improvment and never stop working at if the love is there why not.. with a heavy heart I write this because love isn’t the same anymore they don’t make em like they used to but yeah be amazed at the way someone loves you always

“Maybe she needed someone to show her how to live and he needed someone to show him how to love

~ N.R.Hart~

Calipso Xo

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