Be Happy with the Little You Have ….

July 19, 2015 0

You ever noticed that when we receive something great or accomplished something amazing we like ok great now that’s done I want more there is still an emptiness inside of you because simply it just wasn’t enough and maybe perhaps you are not completely Happy 100% that makes you very selfish in my opinion and that’s ok but just a little reminder that you Need to be Happy with the Little you Have , There are some people with out Nothing who manage to smile , I had a very good friend/ coworker single mother and just had about every single problem imaginable and not only did she complain or maybe just Vent her problems but she always managed to keep her head up and Smile thru the pain she always had the Lord on her mind and her boys always came first , anytime I was able to lend her some money I never wanted her to repay me back because I know God one day will reward me with blessings my friend died of a Asthma Attack about 3 yrs ago and left her boys behind to serve God I still find myself confused that how was this even possible and that it wasn’t fair why did God Take her away from us she was the one that motivated us all to keep going and although we were very close she took to her grave many things that I told her that no one else will ever know she never judged me in any way don’t worry I didn’t do anything wrong she just knew a lot about me that nobody hardly knows , she death really changed me in so many ways I view things with such different eyes and I take things more lightly than I used to and I give myself more credit that I desserve , some people come to our lives wether if its for temporary or serve us as lessons more like it sadly a lot of the people in my life have been good lessons for what its worth I don’t wish any wrong to anyone that did me wrong I just pray for them I was brought to someones life right now to better themselves and so have you , wether your trying to accomplish a goal in your life you must not forget that good things take a lot of time and you mustn’t half ass anything 


~ The Things we take for Granted someone else is praying for ~

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