D I Y: Holiday Gift Ideas

December 3, 2014 0

I finally was able to fit in blogging while trying to jungle crazy work schedules and finals at school.
But through out this time I’ve been brainstorming about the holidays and what will I be giving out and knowing that it will save some money.

So I’ve decided to share something, I have of mine own and plan to give my besties. I call it the “boho string frames”.
You can hang pictures with a cute string and wooden clips, without having to spend so much on frames and nails.

You will need:
String (choose the one you like)
3 Wooden Clips
Favorite pictures
2 clear push pins

So choose the place where you would like to hang it & measure how long you would like it to be.
For mine I chose to put only three clips since my string length is medium, but you can choose as many as you want. Don’t forget to leave extra space on each end.
In order to hang it, I tied knots on both ends and hung it with clear push pins.
Then pick your favorite pictures, hold them with each clip and V O I L A!
Below I will be leaving a picture, & hoping to do a video so you guys can see visually.

** you can purchase festive cute string a target @ the $1 section
** michaels has color coordinated wooden clips, there might be some glittery ones @ $1 section at Target
** you can print out your pics into cute Polaroids with Printstagram

Below I will leave you my example! If you try it make it, be sure to tag me on Twitter or IG & use #bohostringCA
Have FUN!


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