Do you Always Believe what you Read ?

June 14, 2016 0

Hi well that must have gotten your attention real quick , I wonder what Calipso is going to be writing about this time well it’s just quite simple ever just scroll down on peoples social media and always ask yourself wow so and so has such the perfect marriage , and her husband is just always so good to her judging by the pictures of what they are always posting , and also oh so and so’s kids are just always so perfect look how educated they look , also here is a very common one when you see someone always posting like their career is just so booming when in fact all they are doing is just feeding their own hype and guess what we are not there with them to even really experience the hype , but do we really care about that ? but let me address that other peoples post on social media does affect us because when we see that someone is doing so good in their lives we just want to somehow compete with that .


We are so busy with someone else’s life that we loose track of our very own admit it you are guilty a lil bit , I used to feel the pressure of dating like a few yrs ago and it bothered me because everyone else was showing off how the relationship was going when in fact I am just so grateful that a lot of the best memories of my life didn’t make the internet they are with me for as long as I live isn’t that amazing?? so many annoying people post every single thing thats going on with them its really annoying I know I feel ya and on Snap Chat we are all  famous LOL I say this because a lot of us say things like hi  to everyone that follows me I’m here did you miss me some of us on here are very big headed for reals .

I know for a fact that half of everyone isn’t always what they post , and most of the time its to fill a void in them maybe it’s a lot more worse too sad but true , It’s not always good to post everything in your life for the sake of your safety and for the sake of not making you look stupid cause there is someone out there that knows you in real life , a lot of the times I see the girlfriend posting the mushy stuff and the kissy pics and when you look at the boyfriends profile he has no trace of her anywhere , what does that mean ??? I was talking to someone for a whole year and well the rest is history he ended up lying to me and his girl yep he was so slick at it too I was very hurt because he never said sorry he just never replied  back to me but I am happy that I caught it before it went any further , it saddens me because he has a daughter and I don’t think he would like it someone did that to her but from what I see he still lies to his girl and she be posting things like if he was an angel she never knew about me which made me angry because I am sure she’s a nice sweet girl and getting lied to is not cool well I did tell him that I wished him all the luck in the world , I know for a fact that the relationship isn’t going to work because when you keep going back to someone back and forth its toxic and someone is going to get tired of it and when you have enough , you just wake up one day and have enough .

ladies and gents we don’t need to post every single thing that goes on in your life some things are better left unsaid and for not the whole world to see <3

Calipso Xo

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