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I’m sure that Headline got your Attencion and don’t you go anywhere because let me give you a heads up of what Noches de Escandalo is and let me clarify que NO ES UN SHOW !!! 


When: Saturday Nights/ Todos Los Sabados de 7-12 de la noche

Where: Radio Centro 93.9 FM or listen online tambien www.RadioCentro939.Com or download the Iheart radio app

Who: Calipso , La Viri , Dj Thrive , El Soruyo 


What can you expect with Noches de Escandalo?

Easy a lot of laughs , fun , Desmother with all 4 of these Talents and of course great music to get your night started they are giving you that Push to go out and live a little have some fun and listen to great Mixes by Dj Thrive on your way over to your Fun .

Who are these 4 that just seem to be having loads of fun Onair?

La Viri’s she’s the awesome Firecracker that won’t stop making you laugh and it comes very natural to her being around radio for so many years it grew on her and she loves it she’s smart , sassy , spunky and just has so much sazzzz to her and loved by many she may be little pero esta  picosa in a good way , ohh and she loves Make-up and Hair I am pretty sure when she looks at me she’s prob like Girlllll let me fix those eyebrows LOL.


You can Follow Viri on IG as VIRI_o1


Calipso well they keep calling her La Pocha but don’t get it twisted she knows her spanish finally and very well may I add , with a 6+yrs in Radio that may have been her longest relationship LOL joke Joke I hope you laughed , on a serious note she has taken pride on Radio and enjoys every minute of it she is always finding way to make radio sound different  and unique she’s probably the sergeant of Radio when things don’t go by the Book she panics and that’s where the other 3 come along to let her know not to take things so seriously ..


You Can Follow Calipso IG as Calipsoaranda and on FB is Calipso


DJ Thrive Dice que el es el DJ mas Nalgon de todos or el mas Chullo Ijole ya no me acuerdo what he told me … with a 10+plus yrs of Dj experience Thrive has come a long way Baby he Loves being a DJ and he wouldn’t have it any other way he blesses your Radio’s  with his Mixes from 9pm-12midnight and he will here and there Blow you Kisses on-air if you ask for them , Dj thrive does not waste anytime he is always researching new music sounds that will make you want to Dance ..


Follow him on FB/IG/Twitter as DJTHRIVE

El Soruyo If you happen to hear a really funny laugh well you can be sure that its El Soruyo filled with so much spunk and energy that can last a 7-12midnight shift por que si no le va ir muy Mal , with getting his experience on the crazy streets of LA that’s how you gotta learn take it from me starting in Promotions is really the best way to develop your on-air personality and that is exactly what Soruyo has done ..


You can Follow him on IG as Elunicosoruyo


#Reposadas de La Semana 

#Notas Escandalosa

#Chella Pong


#La Botella 

#Escandalo Mix



Follow The New pages on IG/ NOCHESDEESCANDALO and on FB / Noches de Escandalo

What is all these ??? well your just gonna have to Tune in Todos los Sabados de 7-12 de la Noche to Find out , look these are 4 peeps that are just having a lot of fun and want you to join them get ready for lots of Laughs , great surprises , games , challenges , never ending fun , your support means a lot and and its one thing that these 4 do things is with passion and love for radio Don’t forget to tune in to all the great programing El Show del Mandril 5am-10am , Chico Morales 10am-3pm, El Caguamo 12-1pm , El Brujo Tito 1pm-2pm y Robin y los hijos de la Verdura 3-7pm


         “If its both terrifying and Amazing then you should Definitely Pursue it”



To kick off the 1st Saturday on-air they dressed up as the 70’s #QueCute

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