April 17, 2016 0


“My Worst Enemy is my Memory”

So just the other day I finally Sold and got rid of a Memory that put so much darkness in life when I was married many yrs ago my Ex-husband cheated on me and well don’t need to go into all the detail of that but what I am getting at is that he gave me a Tiffany & Co. Heart shaped necklace basically to shut me up and cause he felt bad for it type of gift at the time I was jumping for joy and couldn’t wait to rub it in the girls face the one he cheated on me with and be like Bammm look what he gave me and he’s still with me LoL I can’t believe the level of Immaturity I was in so many years ago , yes she was very upset about it because she thought she was in the right to have received a gift like that instead of me .

As I think about now I never really wore it as much the thrill wore off so fast and although the separation and Divorce was very ugly and consumed me so much I held on to this piece of material object to remind me of what he did to me and my child  and the darkness that he put us through I was always debating if I should just give it to my daughter for her to keep but she never really was interested , so just the other day I sold it and it felt so good to not have it anymore the person that bought it from me told me that her husband got her the matching bracelet so she just needed the necklace to complete her set I hope she enjoys it so much cherish it to the fullest , I do have the bracelet that I need to let go as well to finally release myself from all that tied me to the awful memories of darkness that he put me through but I am very thankful for the lessons learned indeed .

Ladies I want to share with you that I admit Queremos Sufrir and we hold on to things that used to hurt us because it reminds us of what we used to be ok with and it’s not ok perhaps maybe a picture of when we used to be heavier set is a good idea to keep and after shedding so many lbs we keep it as a content reminder to never ever go back to that , same thing with an old picture of an Ex or maybe something that he once gave you when you guys were together but keep it for the right reasons maybe to remind yourselves of how great that relationship was at that time and how happy you were as a person , remember never regret anything that once made you smile , laugh , cry or happy if that is what you wanted if for a split second



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