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If you Love Hip Hop like me then you are going to love Hoboz Klothin  , the creator and founder of Hoboz was born in East LA and raised in Pasadena and the idea and motivation was that he started out as an Old school graffiti artist back in the 90’s,  now if you grew up in the 90’s like me Graffiti was not tolerated  still till this day but it was seen more and more thru out the freeways and bridges , well Hoboz saw it as an art form and he then began  a graffiti art crew  that was influenced by Hip Hop culture then they submerged  into break dancing , so Music had a lot of influence  for him supporting the free style MC’s  from underground scenes . 

One of my fav designs is a Dr.Dre Tee I am a huge Fan of him and his music  as well and Biggie the famous  line “To all the ladies in the place with style and grace” he has that in a Tee and I have one .

Among other designs like Hip Hop raised me , You know my Steez  , you can’t help but just feeling so empowered when wearing his fresh gear.

10273743_710130755711386_8477185179617998773_nThe Homie Hoboz has shown nothing but Love to everyone that supports the Movement he has his sexy dream team of  ladies that are definitely a show stopper and his amazing photographer Jorge Aguilar who has taken some very eye catching images . I have had the pleasure of meeting him and definitely  support his movement and so should you.1005213_10200871504023809_1451836048_nI am wearing the Hoboz Squad Baseball Tee it fits me perfect and I can dress it up and dress it down he even has for kids too you know I am the kinda person that if I am not wearing something that compliments me I won’t wear it this weeks his and her’s style is by far one the most original and inspirational  I think you can agree with me that Hip hop has died and we miss it but Hoboz will remind you that Hip can Live always thru us we need to still educate our kids with how it was back in the days and I am so grateful that I grew up listening  to Big , Snoop , Dre, Easy E , Ice Cube , Warren G I mean the list goes on and on .

     Make sure you follow my fellow Hip Hop Head on IG  BOOROCK_HOBOZ , Facebook/HobozKlothinComplany for any orders get at him hobozklothin@yahoo.com 


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