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  I LOVE You , But I also have to LOVE Me Too…

I really don’t know where to begin do I say too much or hold back but I want to keep this as informative as much as possible if you have no clue what a Narcissist is after reading this you may relate to being with someone like this , or maybe this might be you ..

When a person like this says they love you they really mean they Love how hard you work to make them feel like they are your everything , and that they are the focus of their life and you want them to be happy but you will never expect them to do the same .

They Love the power that they can take advantage of your kindness and intentions to be nice and the pleasure they derive when they make themselves feel huge in comparison to you and they take every single opportunity to make you feel so small that you start to believe it .

It’s like they have this power to train you feel “CRAZY” for even asking or bringing up issues that don’t interest them . Regardless of what you do you will never be good enough for them again Misery Loves Company.

He loves the Power he has to keep you on working hard to prove your love and devotion to him and makes you wonder what else you need to do to prove your Loyalty to him. He loves the fact that he can love himself thru you and he will blame you for everything . 

He will make you act crazy over not getting what you want from him and you will end up saying I’m sorry for everything and your going to tell yourself this a lot of the time “I Don’t get it ” according to him there’s nothing to get or understand they will always try to teach you a lesson and make you feel like your 10 yrs old all over again so go sit in your corner and think about what you have done , He loves to make you feel insecure at the drop of a hat especially by giving attention to other woman and saying they have no problem you leaving your replaceable , they will give attention to friends , family members etc but not you as if he is punishing you , and if you leave he has the power to get you back when ever you threaten to leave , he will throw a few crumbs your way just to shut you up and you watch how quickly he will talk you into trusting him when he turns on his charm .

He loves you by how he can use his power to keep you down , doubting and second-guessing yourself questioning your sanity , obsessed  with explaining yourself to him and again professing your loyalty to him and he will have you wondering what’s wrong with you instead of realizing that you cannot make someone happy who derives their sense of power and pleasure from feeling scorn to others and you .

No matter how hard you beg and plead for his love and admiration , to feel valued in return it will never happen as long as he is in control , it gives him all the pleasure in the world to not give you what you yearn for , the tenderness you need and want , your gonna catch yourself saying “I’m such a fool .

He says NO all the time, and he loves the feeling of owning your thoughts, your ambitions,and ensuring your wants and needs are solely focused on not upsetting him but to just keep him happy at all times , He is like a drug that you have to have regardless of  how he mistreats you .

But you love him right ?? well he loves the fact that he can make you feel like he’s doing you a favor by being with him and throws crumbs your way . And like a dam vacuum the emptiness inside him is in constant need of sucking the life and breath and vitality you bring to his life , he enjoys you telling him how much he hurts you he’s actually always trying to figure out more ways into hurting you even more he wants to destroy you , and he will never feel weak towards you .

If he says I love you he really means he Loves the power he has to remain a mystery that you will never solve  because of what you do not know and refuse to believe …..your going to end up crying a lot in this relationship and your going to loose yourself and being with him will make you feel more alone vs when you are single , I’m balling in tears since I been writing this entry but the truth of the matter is don’t stop loving you and don’t loose yourself anymore maybe he can not love anymore he certainly doesn’t love you that’s for sure as much as it hurts and you will probably fail to believe it I think these individuals need love the most but after being around so much negativity and then once they are around so much positivity and love and endurance they really don’t know what to do with it , so they would rather push it away they don’t want it …I can’t tell you to move on cause that is a decision that you have to make for yourself always love yourself and spread the positivity always and pray that things always get better in time you never know right ??? but for now start marking yourself as a priority not a second hand me down T-shirt add value to oneself every minute of the day I hope this helps you 


He probably had a ruff childhood and didn’t grow up with Love his whole life has been a Fuck it type of attitude and I don’t care what other people think but have you thought that maybe for a split second at one point this person was open to love at one point and perhaps it got demolished by a past tragic experience ? He will never be wrong and will never say sorry if he does he probably doesn’t mean it but what can you do??? Nothing you can only hope for the best I guess be his friend first and show him the power of love through friendship perhaps that really is better than nothing I am the type of person that doesn’t give up on someone that easily I don’t know what it is , that’s why so many ppl have always stepped all over me and hurt me but I have to be kind human being cause that’s who I am I left being bitter yrs ago the energy needs to be drawn onto other things like love, health , progression , family , life , kids and so on !!

XoXo Calipso I Love You

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